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Everything you need to know about contextual ads network


In order to make money with blogging, bloggers often relies on ad networks such as Google AdSense or
Due to the hard policies of AdSense, small publishers usually does not got approval and they lose hopes of blog monitisations. This post will discuss about media net which is a best ad network as well as exactly alternative to google adsense. was founded in 2012 by yahoo and bing which aims to serve high quality ads on your blog to provide potential visitors to their advertisers.

One of the very good thing about this ad network is that you can apply for your new site because they don’t have requirement of a specific number visitors.

Once you think that you are receiving a good traffic on your blog and your traffic is not fake, you can go for media net ad network and they will accept you as their partner.

Things to consider before applying for account

These are some things to consider if you are going to monitise your blog with

Without meeting these guidelines, no matter if you got approved your account but you won’t make money.

Seficient content.

Before applying for media-net, make sure that you have written enough in your niche so they can serve ads on it.

If you will have only a few blog posts in your blog, then your chances to make money with media-net are very small because of poor traffic.

On the other hand, don’t go over to your boundries of your blog topic, this will keep the ads relevancy high.

Use proper keywords.

Without using accurate keywords with your blog posts, media net won’t be able to provide you ads accordingly.

Since is a contextual ad network, so they will highly focus your keywords to serve relevant ads on your blog pages.

There are many free seo tools which can help you to find keywords.

Traffic from Big countries.

Before going for monitisation, you must have a good number of visitors from USA, UK or Canada.

Without having visitors from these countries, you won’t get approved your account or if you have approved, you won’t make money due to their policy.

How to apply for media net publisher account?

Applying for an account at is very easy and you can get registered your account in less than a minut.

First of all, go to the website, fill the form with your website and email and click submit.

You will receive an email in next couple of days containing the information of your account.

If you will get approve your account, they will send you your account information including username and password, and they will also give you an account manager who will talk to you time to time.

After registering an account on

After the successful approval from, you need to fill your bank detail, create your ads and display them on your website.

All is you have to login to your account and follow the guidelines displaying on your dashboard.

Creating a new ad unit

In order to create a customised ad unit for your website, you need to login to your account, go to the ad units and click create new.

While creating a new ad unit for your website, you will be asked to write it’s name, select the ad size and customise colors, fonts and a few other aspects of your ads.

This is all easy and you will see live impression of your ads.

Once you have created your ad unit, click get code button and copy the code from read only field.

After copying the java script code, go to your website, edit the html and put the code where you want it to be displayed on your web page.

You can put 3 ads on a single page of your website so you can get maximum impressions whenever a visitor open your website.



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