Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Blogging


Without having a clear plan of earning methods, it’s nearly impossible to make money from blog.

this post is going to introduce some ways to make money from blogging.

there are many things to consider if your main purpose is to start a money making blog. because every blog cannot earn money due to lack of proper implementations of earning methods.

if you have already read that what you need to start a money making blog, so it’s time to choose your earning method.

please note: my guide will cover the ways to make money from blog posts. so it’s assumed that you are ready to spent a lot of time in writing quality contents

in order to make money from a blog, you need to work hard, otherwise if you are looking for a shortcut, I would recommend you to go for another business because there is no shortcut to make money from blogging.

How to make money from your blog 5 tips

these are top 5 ways to make money from your blog, make sure you are going to select a right one.


showing advertisements is a first way that every beginner want to implement on their blogs.

you can make money from blog ads by getting an adsense account there are many other adds providers, but google adds are fully trusted if you are seriously want to earn something.

there are some companies who promise to provide you a better payment than google, but as a beginner you won’t be able to choose a right one.

instead of getting disappointed from scammers, it’s better to go for a trusted source.

Selling physical products.

this method can take some more time to make money from your blog, but once your trust will get developed, you will become able to make money via blog.

while selling products on your website, make sure you cover a selected area.

don’t be a greedy person, if 90 percent of your visitors are interested in SEO tools, then don’t try to sell them a toy because once you will start doing this wrong practice, you will start losing all of your old visitors and subscribers.

Affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing is a best way to make money from blog because you don’t have to create a product, you just need to write a review of any product, share your experiences and tell the benefits of that product.

once your visitor will buy the product, you will get a huge commission from the company.

your visitor would not pay extra amount while making a purchase from your affiliate link, but company will give you a commission for referring the customer.

personally i consider affiliate marketing the best way to make money from blogs because you will get a huge commission by refering a single customer.

you can make money while sleeping because your visitors can make a purchase anytime using your affiliate links.

Payed membership.

payed membership is an option to make money from blogging but it comes too late.

you need alot of visitors, ranking and trust if you want to offer payed membership on your blog.

remember! noone bothers to spent money in payed membership on those blogs who have only 50 or 100 articles and nothing elce.

if you offer payed membership on a new blog, you are doing a big mistake.

people will surely find you immature and greedy man and they will decide never to come back because there are many blogs who can provide all the information without any cost.

well if you want to implement this method, i would recommend you to do something exceptional, if you have unique and exceptional contents, people will have to pay you because they will not have another way.

Sell articles.

you can make money from blogging without having a domain.
there are many big blogs who accept payed articles, otherwise you can sell articles on freelance sites on reasonable rates.

selling your articles is a last option to make money because you will never be able to increase your earning more than your hardwork.

having your own blog can provide you money for a long time but if you will sell your article to another blogger, you will get payment only once and after that you will have to write another article for receiving your next payment.

this method is only recommended for those who cannot start a blog due to any reason. but if it does not much cost to start a blog with wordpress, so why not to start your own blog today?


previously people were consider google adds as the main source to make money from a blog, but now the world has changed.

there are many ways to make money from blog without adsense and personally i believe that adsense cannot provide you financial security.

if your main purpose is to make money from blogging, adsense should not be your focus.

believe me there are many big bloggers who never put google adds on there websites.

i would recommend you to focus on affiliate marketing if you have plan to live your life through blogging.

there are many smart people who are living their lives through blogging but they choose affiliate marketing instead of advertisements.

have you any other method to make money from blogging? let me know in comments.


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