The Importance of LSI Keywords in SEO

How LSI keywords are important to maximize the traffic for a blog


Have you ever seen a blog post containing a different but relevant title to your query in google search results? so you are wondered that why this blog post is coming on the top even you wrote a different phrase in search.
Today we will be discussing the importance of LSI keywords in SEO because it could be an important part that you are missing in your blog to get more visitors.

As we all know that SEO is becoming more hard and complicated because every blogger have to compete with a lot of other bloggers.

Without having a lot of knowledge and techniques of on page seo it’s nearly impossible to show your blog on the first page of search results, therefore you should continuessly improve your SEO score to get a huge amount of visitors.

When it comes to comply your article with on page seo techniques, you cannot ignore the importance of latent semantic indexing (LSI)

What are LSI keywords?

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are similar keywords or phrases which allows your blog to rank for all the possible phrases for a specific area or topic on google search results.

If you are blogging about technology and you are writing an article to unlock an iPhone, you will surely like to force all the traffic to open and read your blog post.

Now if you are a follower and believer of over seo optimization or negative SEO then you will surely take the help of keyword stuffing but if you are a professional blogger who believe in writing quality content then you must take the help of LSI keywords software to find LSI keywords for your blog post.

This will surely improve the article readability and maintain a good keyword density

When you use popular phrases instead of using your own words, your chances to rank higher will be maximized and you can capture all the traffic that matters to your blog.

Remember: that time has gone when you had to write your blog posts without caring about SEO.
These days, your blog will only rank well if you will use a list of popular keywords or phrases in your regular language.

Why LSI keywords are important

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords allows you to write a blog post with a strong abilities to capture all the relevant traffic from the internet, on the other hand, you can get rid from low quality articles if you know how to properly use LSI keywords.

You don’t need to worry about keyword density because whenever you need to repeat your keyword, you can write a different phrase which will also maximise your chances to show your blog for many keywords.

How to use LSI keywords?

In order to use LSI keywords with your blog posts, you don’t need to put them just below the last line of your article but you have to write your article smartly and maturely.

Have you ever seen a blog where people paste all the keywords at the bottom of their articles? they do this because they don’t have professional abilities to write their blog post so they simply put all their keywords in a single line.

this practice destroy their blog’s worth and lead their blog towards spam

In order to use LSI keywords wisely, i would recommend you to copy all of your keywords and LSI keywords in notepad and try to use them in your regular language.

If you have further queries about LSI keywords then drop a comment below, I’ll be happy to respond to your comments.


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