What Is Keyword Stuffing And How To Avoid It


In order to be found on the search engins, sometimes people take the help of keyword stuffing, it’s a negative seo practice, therefore you should not follow this anymore.

today we are going to discuss everything in detail so you can improve the ranking of your website by following proper methods and techniques.

before you start a blog, do remember that now the world has changed, search engins are smart enough to detect your contents and you will be penalize if you will be found with negative SEO.

What is keyword stuffing?

It’s a negative seo practice which is being used by some bloggers who don’t know anything about SEO but want to be found on search engins with less hardwork.

usually people try to hide their keywords by writing white text on white background, that text can be hide from visitors, but search engins can still detect it without any problem.

they follow this practice because they don’t want to deliver a poor user experience by using a specific phrase 20 times in their post, but this practice allow them to increase the keyword density in their blog post.

in past, it was easy to be found on the search engins by using this black hat SEO technique, but now it’s time to follow on page seo techniques if you really want to be found on search engins.

How to avoid keyword stuffing?

In order to avoid keyword stuffing in article, you should follow some of my techniques below.

Use multiple keywords

In order to increase your chances to be rank better, you always should find multiple keywords for your blog posts.

by using multiple keywords, you will become able to rank for more than one phrase.


Use Synonyms and plural words.

instead of using the same words again and again, it’s recommended to use synonyms words where it’s possible.
on the other hand, try to write the plural words for your keywords so none of the visitor can go away from your blog.

this practice will not only improve the seo, but it also improves the overall user experience of your blog posts.

there are many desktop applications which can provide you synonym for any word, but you can take the help of web dictionaries as well.

maintain a good keyword density.

keyword density means a lot when it comes to optimize your blog posts with on page seo, you should not exceed a limit of keywords while writing your articles.

you can read more about keyword density in my article how much keyword density is good for your blog posts.

Quality contents.

the quality of your content is important than everything elce, make sure you are not following old techniques while writing new articles.

these are some guidelines to write quality content for your blog.

by following these guidelines in your own blog, you may become able to rank better than before.

have you anything elce to include in this article? what are your recommendations to avoid keyword stuffing? write your thoughts in comments.


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