Keyword Proximity (Everything You Need to Know)

What are the effects of keyword proximity in your blog posts? Recommended proximity for SEO


Since you may have already know that keyword plays an important role when it comes to rank well on search engines, but what is the exact way to write your keyword in title, headings, paragraphs, links or graphics?
Keyword proximity is an important thing to write your keyword in a more powerful way, the more it’s clear, the more chances for your blog to rank higher in SERPs.

Once you find the keyword with a keyword tool, it can be a bit wrong grammatically or you may think that there should be a few words added inside the keyword to make it more effective.

Once you start editing your keyword, it directly starts effecting your keyword proximity as well as your chances to rank lower in searches.

This article will guide you towards the right implementations of the keywords by keeping their proximity at maximum level.

Why you need to decrease keyword proximity?

Since people always use shortest terms while searching their desired information on search engines, so keywords that you get from your keyword tools can be seems disordered or in wrongly written words.

It’s a universally recognized truth that you can find keywords with high search volume but sometimes they won’t be accurate according to the rules of grammar.

In order to make them correct, you often need to edit them with a few extra characters, punctuation, stop words or a few spaces.

Once you add the required characters between the first and last letter of your keyword, it hurts keyword proximity and becomes somewhat irrelevant.

What is a good keyword proximity?

So this is the actual question that you should need to know that what you exactly need to consider while setting-up your keyword proximity for any of your blog post?

It’s highly recommended to use the keyword as it is because it will be famous among the search engines.

On the other hand, there will be many bloggers using the keyword with high proximity so if you will consider to make it correct, then you will lose a precious chance to beet your competitors.

You can use maximum 100 or minimum 80 percent keyword proximity if you are really interested to be found on searches with a specific keyword.

There is no official documentations, guidelines or any source who can tell the actual proximity rate, but it’s not recommended to use keyword proximity less than 80 percent at any cost.

What happens if you don’t care about proximity level?

If you will keep editing your keywords for better optimization, then it’s possible that your article will look nice, but your chances to rank well will be decreased.

You can sometimes edit the keyword for using it in your title tag, but once you begin writing the paragraph in your post body, then don’t forget to use actual keyword without any editing.

Because title is the first and majour tag to convince a visitor to click and read your article, so it’s hard to compromise on the quality of the appearance of your text.

Once a visitor opens your site, it means that he or she is interested to know about your content so if your article has no other mistake except your keywords, then it would not be harmful for you.

How to keep keyword proximity in order?

You can follow some of the important points to maintain a good proximity for all of your keywords.

Try to use your keyword on the beginning of title.

Once you start writing your title tag, it’s recommended to type the keyword at the very beginning so search engines can consider your post is a good source.

If you will add a few extra words before your keyword, then search engines will give them priority at first and your keyword becomes the second priority.

Don’t Punctuate.

It’s not necessary to add unnecessary dots, commas, quotes and other signs to make it punctually correct.

Your keyword is the thing what is gathering traffic, so it would look nice even if it’s not formatted perfectly.

If you have described enough about the topic, you have given everything that a visitor expects, then forget that he or she will leave your blog just because you have a single spelling, punctuation or grammar mistake.


Keyword proximity is one of the important factor to consider while writing your blog posts, but you can decrease it for at least your title tag.

If you forget everything and focus only on the perfection of your english, then your blog post will not have any potential to convince search engines to show your article on the top of results.

What else you recommend to consider for keeping the keywords proximity in order? please add your comments below.


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