How To Interlink blog posts to improve SEO


every successful blogger Interlink blog posts while writing a new post on their blogs, interlinking can surely improve the Crawling rate of your blog or website.

as we all know that blogging is becoming hard and you can’t expect any trafic from search engins if you don’t focus on your SEO.

today we will discuss about the importance of interlinking in your Site SEO.

Why should you Interlink Blog posts

if you have ever seen any article on wikipedia you may have already noticed that wikipedia Interlink their relative articles while writing a new article.

the reason behind the interlinking that they don’t want to loos their site SEO.
whenever we search anything wikipedia comes at first result if it’s contain any information regarding the searched topic.

google love the sites who provide relative links in their Articles.

on the other hand, your visitors will spent more time on your website because they will surely click the link if it’s related to their query.

last but not least, interlinking can reduce the bounce rate of your website.

sounds interesting? why not to start interlinking on your own blog today!

How to interlink blog posts

there are many methods for interlinking your blog posts, every method has it’s own advantages and disadvantages but right now we will discuss the two methods in detail.

it’s already assumed that you are using wordpress in your blog or website.

Manual Interlinking

manual interlinking can be more time taking but you can use your own anchor texts to the relative posts while using the manual method.

follow the steps below in order to Interlink posts manually.

  1. click Ctrl+K to bring “Add Hyperlink” window.
  2. search for the post which you want to add here.
  3. click “link options” if you want to change the anchor text or want to add target_blank.
  4. after making desire changes, click “Add link”.

Using a plugin

you can link automatically your blog posts, categories and tags with the use of a wordpress plugin.

there are many plugins which can Interlink blog posts but we will discuss about the SEO Smart Links in detail.

SEO smart links can interlink your blog posts, pages, categories and tags automatically.

it’s one stop solution to manage the interlinking of your blog.

SEO smart links makes you able to sett rules for the interlinking, you can choose your posts, pages, categories and tags.

on the other hand, you can setup unlimited custom keywords for External websites as well.

you just have to set desire options and it will automatically add links to your posts at necessary places.

here is the detailed guide on how to set up seo smart links with your wordpress site.

suggestions, feedback, problems and questions are welcome in comments below.


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