How to install XAMPP in computer


How to install XAMPP in computer. today, i’m going to provide you a step by step guide about the installation of XAMPP in local envirement

what is XAMPP

XAMPP is a software which can provide you an ultimate solution to run almost every web programming language in your computer, as we all know we cannot test our PHP, SQL, JavaScript projects in computer and we always have to purchase web hosting storage space in order to propperly test our scripts.
i know there are many free hostings but lets imagine you don’t have an internet connection while traviling through a local train or you are away from your home and there is no internet connection, in these situations, you won’t be able to work with your project, but if you will have installed XAMPP in your computer, you will don’t need a WiFi connection anymore in order to test your scripts

XAMPP is ultimate solution

no matter if you are going to test a php script or JavaScript. XAMPP supports multiple languages and you don’t need to install many softwares in order to test different scripts
XAMPP supports:

  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Ajax

and many more.
honestly telling that i never felt that i’m using my computer instead of a reall domain while working with XAMPP
you can install any CMS software like wordpress in XAMPP

how to install XAMPP

download portable version of XAMPP and begin the installation by following the steps that i’m going to describe below

  1. Extract XAMPP
  2. Copy the XAMPP folder to your C drive
  3. run the setup_Xampp.bat
    you will be redirected to command promt window, exit this screen and proceed to next step
  4. run the apache_start.bat
    you will be redirected to Command promt, exit the command prompt window
  5. run the mysql_start.bat
    again you will be redirected to command promt window, exit it
  6. open the xampp-control.exe
  7. start the modules and open the browser
  8. type http://localhost and hit enter
  9. you will see an admin area for XAMPP

congratulations! you have successfully installed XAMPP in your computer, you can install the cms softwares now.
lets asume you want to install wordpress with XAMPP, so you need to place the wordpress folder in directory (C:\xampp\htdocs) read my artical multiple ways to install wordpress for more details


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