How To Install WordPress Plugins


wordpress has a build in blogging platform, but you can extend it with additional plugins.
today i’m going to provide a complete method to install wordpress plugins.

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wordpress plugins are the additional packages made by some 3rd parties which allows you to extend the functionality of wordpress according to your needs.

there are many plugins for wordpress which can do the almost every type of job for you but you need a good research if you want to achieve something useful.

here is the direct link of wordpress plugin store

there are tipically two ways to install wordpress plugins

  1. one click or direct installation from wordpress dashboard
  2. upload plugin in a zip file

direct installation procedure

the very easy and recommended method is to install wordpress plugins directly from your wordpress dashboard using search function here are those steps that should be performed during the installation of a wordpress plugin to your site

  1. login to your wordpress admin area
  2. navigate below to find plugins menu
  3. from the plugins menu, click add new
  4. wait till page is completely loads
  5. navigate below to find search plugins
  6. type your query in search box
    you can search plugins by name, authors or functionality. recommended is to find with plugin name
  7. click search plugins
  8. from the search results, navigate to the desire plugin and click install plugin
  9. wait till new page is loading
  10. navigate below to find installation progress.
    if plugin is compatible with your theme, you will see success message
  11. click activate plugin under the installation details

finally you have successfully installed the plugin to your wordpress site
if you face any trouble with this method, you can try an alternate method for the installation of a wordpress plugin

upload zip file

this method is recommended if you have a plugin in zip file and you don’t want to search it in wordpress plugin’s store.
to install wordpress plugins through zip file, perform the following:

  1. login to your wordpress admin area or wordpress dashboard
  2. navigate to the plugins menu
  3. click add new from the plugins menu
  4. navigate below to find add new plugins heading
  5. see below for the link” upload plugin
  6. click the “upload plugin” link
  7. wait till page is loading
  8. after the page will be loaded, you will see an upload file area
  9. click the brows file button
  10. browse the plugin in (.zip) format in your computer
  11. select the plugin and press install button
  12. after the page is load, you will see activate plugin under the installation details
  13. click activate plugin

you are done. your plugin will be installed successfully and you will be able to use it without any trouble.

Install through FTP

this procedure is recommended if you want to upload your plugin through the Desktop client such as file zilla.

in order to install a plugin through FTP account, do the following:

  1. login to your FTP account
  2. navigate to the public_HTML/wp-content/plugins/ and upload the zip file
  3. extract the zip file after uploading
  4. now exit the FTP client
  5. open the dashboard of your website.
  6. scroll down to the plugins and click installed plugins.
  7. click activate plugin under the name of newly uploaded plugin
  8. you will notice that plugin is activated successfully.


don’t install plugins through uploading in .zip file unless you are asure that the plugin is safe and secure and it does not contains harmful coding, usually people use techniques to hack your site therefore they provide you a plugin with fake information

do you need any further help for installing wordpress plugins? please ask me in comments below.


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