How To Install Themes With WordPress


as you already know that wordpress comes with a sett of themes but the default themes of wordpress are not good because of limited design, therefore we install themes in wordpress.
there are thouzands of free and payed themes for wordpress which can completely change your site look but if you don’t know how to install a new theme, you will not be able to enjoy a latest design of website or blog.
today i’m going to explain all the installation methods with step by step instructions.

Note: read how to install wordpress and plugins

Direct install

installing themes from wordpress dashboard called direct install or one click install. lets begin the +procedure:

  1. login to wordpress dashboard
  2. navigate and open appearance menu
  3. from manage themes page, click Add new
  4. type your query in search box
  5. navigate below to find correct theme from search results
  6. under the theme details click install theme
    you’ll be redirected to theme install page where you’ll see some installation details
  7. click activate theme from the theme installer page after successful installation

done, you successfully have installed the required theme through wordpress theme store.

install theme through FTP

in order to install themes through FTP you’ll need a FTP software like FileZillah and a FTP account in your website.

FTP installation comes when the theme you are trying to install is not available in wordpress store or you have purchased a theme from a company.
follow the procedure below to install themes using FTP

  1. open ftp software like FileZillah
  2. login with username, hostname and password
  3. open Public_HTml
  4. upload theme folder in following path: wp-content/themes
  5. exit ftp account
  6. login to wordpress dashboard
  7. navigate and open appearance
    you will see your new theme is available there
  8. click activate to load the new theme

done, you successfully have installed the theme using FTP software. these are the 2 working methods for installing wordpress themes



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