Install and Configure Yoast Seo plugin with wordpress


since designing a website with wordpress isn’t enough to get well ranking on search engins like google therefore we must have to install a plugin which can handle our SEO propperly.
in this Article i’m going to answered your question that how to Configure Yoast Seo with wordpress.
if you are among those who tirelessly looking for a best wordpress plugin which can asure your site SEO then take a deep breath because you found it without any doubt.
today, i’m going to walk you through the most popular SEO plugin that is Yoast SEO i’m sure noone use another SEO plugin after they find Yoast SEO because its an ultimate plugin that you need in order to get your website SEO friendly.

in this Article, i’ll teach you how to install wordpress seo by yoast

begin with Yoast

first of all, download and install yoast seo plugin in your wordpress site.
if you need a guide on the installation of wordpress plugin, read my article on multiple ways to install wordpress plugins after the successful installation, follow the steps to set up wordpress seo by yoast

How To Set Up Yoast SEO Plugin

please note, it has a lot to do if you want to setup yoast seo completely, therefore make sure that you have at least 20 minuts to spent right now, otherwise, bookmark this article for future reffrance.

Yoast seo has multiple pages for settings and each page divided into the more tabs.
we are going to discuss everything in detail


first of all, configure the basics of SEO in your wordpress site.

  • login to wordpress dashboard
  • navigate and opentSeo under the settings menu

you will see the genral page for Yoast SEO, it contains following tabs:

  • Dashboard
  • Genral
  • Your info
  • Webmaster tools
  • Securety

in order to Configure Yoast Seo propperly, we are going to discuss all the tabs in detail.

  • Dashboard tab

it shows some tips and SEO notifications, for example it will tell you if you have something to improve or you’re doing anything wrong.
if your dashboard says we found nothing to improve, then its good and you’re not making any big mistake with your site regarding SEO.

  • Genral tab

this tab shows the recent changes in your Yoast SEO plugin.

  • Your info tab

this tab allows you to fill some information about yourself. fill

  • Website name
  • alternate name
    provide an alternate name of your website
  • Website run by person or company
  • Person or Company name

fill all the values with correct information and click save button

  • Webmaster tools tab

this tab allows you to connect your website or blog with different search engins such as

  • Bing webmaster tools
  • google search console
  • yandex webmaster tools
  • and page visibility

you can configure all the settings by providing necessary information. these are detailed guides on how to submit website to google search console and How to Submit Website To Bing Webmaster Tools.

  • Security tab

this tab allows you to hide some advanced SEO options from authors, disable the advanced meta box if you don’t trust your authors so they won’t be able to change the index options for posts and pages
this is all done with first page of Yoast Seo. now begin with next section.

Title and meta

start the Yoast setting for titles and metas by editing the titles and meta of your wordpress site.

this page has the following tabs:

  • genral
  • Homepage
  • Post types
  • Taxonomies
  • Archives
  • Other

below i’m going to explain each tab in details.

  • Genral tab

in this tab, Yoast seo will ask you to enable force rewrite titles, its recommended to leave it uncheck because it will sometimes remove some words from your post titles.
then you’ll be asked to sett title seperator, choos according to your wish but we use | as our title seperator.
at last, enable readability and keyword status because it will be going to help you alot when you’ll write your future articles. remember, if you’ll Configure Yoast Seo propperly, you’d become able to read post analysis before publishing the posts.
click save button to update the settings you changed

  • Homepage tab

click homepage tab to expand the settings for your site homepage

in homepage tab, you’ll be asked to sett your homepage title, by default it shows %%sitename%% %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitedesc%% but you can change according to your need.
next, provide a short description for your website or blog.
click save.

  • Post types tab

click post types and sett the titles for posts and pages, leave the posts and pages indexed because if you’ll sett them into noindex then search engins won’t be able to show them in results.
after changing the values, don’t forget to click save

  • taxonomies tab

in taxonomies tab, you will have option to sett titles for catagories and tags, sett them according to need and sett the meta robots to noindex for catagories and tags because your site would be consider spammy if you’ll show catagories in search engins.
after changing, click save

  • Archives tab

you can sett the author archives to yes or no on your website, at soft beginners we have disable author archives but you can decide what should you do.
sett the author to noindex and sett the datewise archives to noindex as well, then click save button.

  • other tab

there is nothing to change if subpages of archives are noindex, if not, change the only thing and click save!

finally you have completely set-up your titles and metas


Yoast Seo allows you to connect your social profile with your website so it will show them in search results as well. your social profiles will be added in head section if you will Configure Yoast Seo social page propperly
this page has following tabs:

  • Social accounts
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google +

below i’m going to explain all the tabs in detail.

  • Social Accounts

this tab allows you to provide all of your social accounts, fill all the values with usernames and click save

  • Facebook

click facebook tab and you’ll see that add open graph meta data in already checkdd, leave it checked and provide your website title and description.
you can also sett a default image for that posts those  does not contains any images, when you share a post to facebook, yoast seo will display that image with your post.
then connect a facebook user to your account who will have obility to see facebook stats. after setting the above menssioned things, click save.

  • twitter tab

this tab allows you to set twitter cards. choos an option from available options from listbox and click save

  • Pinterest tab

Pinterest uses Open Graph metadata just like Facebook, so be sure to keep the Open Graph checkbox on the Facebook tab checked if you want to optimize your site for Pinterest.
If you have already confirmed your website with Pinterest, you can skip the step below.

  • Google tab

If you have a Google+ page for your business, add that URL here and link it on your Google+ page’s about page.
you have set-up your social page, now move to next section.

XML Sitemaps

yoast seo allows you to manage dynamic XML sitemaps for your site, did you editing your sitemaps manually? no worries, now just sett the rules for xml sitemaps and take rest because you won’t need to update your xml sitemaps everytime you write a post or page. this page has following tabs:

  • Genral
  • User SiteMap
  • Post types
  • Excluded posts
  • taxonomies

lets Configure Yoast Seo sitemaps by following the guidelines below

first of all, check the XMLSitemaps checkbox and begin the procedure

  • Genral tab

this tab allows you to sett entries for sitemaps files. first of all it will show you your XML file, then will ask you to sett default value for eatch sitemap file
by default it would be 1000, leave it as it is because its not necessary to change the value

  • user sitemap

this tab allows you to turned off or on author archives URLs on your site, at soft beginners we have turned it off but you can sett it according to your need. after making changes, click save

  • post types tab

this tab allows you to keep posts, pages and media  in side or outside of map.
keep posts and pages in side of map and keep media out side of map, click save.
this action will remove media files from search results, recommended if you are running a news blog or you don’t want to display your attachments direct links in google or other search engin’s results.

  • Excluded posts tab

this tab allows you to manually remove specific posts and pages from search engins, you can enter Post or Page IDs followed by comma,. click save after writing required IDs in above edit box.

  • Taxonomies tab

this tab allows you to remove catagories and tags from search engine results, its highly recommended to keep them out side of map if you want to make sure that search engins won’t consider your site spammy

congradulations! you have finished another page of Yoast seo


let me describe some advanced features of Yoast seo, in Advanced section, you can Configure Yoast Seo Breadcrumbs, permalinks  and RSS. this section contains 3 subsections

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Permalinks
  • RSS

i’m going to describe every section with details.

  • Breadcrumbs

if you are using a simple theme then may be your theme will not have internal Breadcrumbs but you can show your visitors their current path by enabling the Yoast Breadcrumbs
its recommended that you still should use Yoast Breadcrumbs even if your theme supports internal breadcrumbs.Configure Yoast Seo Breadcrumbs by following the steps below
first of all check the Enable breadcrumbs checkbox
then type a separator this will sepret your breadcrumbs, mostly people use » is their breadcrumbs
then provide an anchor text for homepage, usually people use Home but you can write your website name as well.
provide prefix for

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Archives
  • Search page
  • Error 404 page

and sett the last visited page to bold or normal.
then select Taxonomies to show in breadcrumbs, you can choos catagories and tags
when you set-up everything according to needs, click save to update the settings.

  • Permalinks

with yoast seo, you can configure your permalinks at advance level
you can remove catagories name from your urls by checking the Strip the category base (usually /category/) from the category URL checkbox.
you can redirect your attachment’s urls to parent posts urls by checking the checkbox, Attachments to posts are stored in the database as posts, this means they’re accessible under their own URLs if you do not redirect them, enabling this will redirect them to the post they were attached to.
you can remove stop words from slugs by checking the stop words from slugs checkbox.
you can Remove the replytocom variables by checking the replytocom variables checkbox.
This prevents threaded replies from working when the user has JavaScript disabled, but on a large site can mean a huge improvement in crawl efficiency for search engines when you have a lot of comments.
Redirect ugly URLs to clean permalinks. (Not recommended in many cases!)
author of yoast SEO stated that (People make mistakes in their links towards you sometimes, or unwanted parameters are added to the end of your URLs, this allows you to redirect them all away. Please note that while this is a feature that is actively maintained, it is known to break several plugins, and should for that reason be the first feature you disable when you encounter issues after installing this plugin).
click save to update the settings you made.

  • RSS

in RSS settings, you can put additional contents at the top and bottom of every feed by providing a valid code. you can take the codes from below table. after providing necessary codes. click save.
you have completed the advanced SEO for your wordpress site with Yoast SEO.

Search console

in search console, you can configure the google search console with your website, after the configuration, all the errors will show in your console page.

you can read my guide to submit website to google.


yoast seo comes with 3 wonderful tools.

  • Bulk editor
    This tool allows you to quickly change titles and descriptions of your posts and pages without having to go into the editor for each page.
  • File editor
    This tool allows you to quickly change important files for your SEO, like your robots.txt and, if you have one, your .htaccess file.
  • Import and Export
    Import settings from other SEO plugins and export your settings for re-use on (another) blog.

finally you have sett-up your yoast seo, I hope this comprehensive guide has helped you a lot in settings of your Plugin.
if you feel any trouble, let me know in comments.


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