Top 9 Ways to Index Backlinks Faster

Step by step guide to quickly index your high quality backlinks on search engines.


There are many people who have been complaining about the slow process when it comes to index backlinks faster on Google and other search engines. Here is the step by step guidelines you need to follow in order to submit your backlinks quickly for higher ranking in SERPs.

You have Been putting in all the work of link building and still not getting noticed or indexed?

Well then, continue reading on…

Since we got the article just right for you

We all know backlinks are like the backbone of your Website in order to rank in Search Engine results page(SERP)

Since we know now that Backlinks are important and given the general view that Google crawls your site naturally. What is the need for the worry if my links will get naturally indexed?

Here is what you gotta understand, when we say Google crawls your site or links, it basically means Google spiders crawl over your site and are aware of your site.

The links are part of the site so when Google Spider Crawl over the site, it also crawls all its elements in the page including the links

But Getting Indexed is another different term, it means Google will crawl and add your web pages into Google Search. Your web pages will pass certain factors in order to get indexed.

So if the site is indexed, basically your links too

Not that I recommend but if you buy a bunch of 5$ backlinks from sites like SEO Clerks, Fivver, and other shady link building services, Chances are most of the links are gonna be spammy

Reasons why your Backlinks are not getting indexed

There are many reasons which can slow down your process of indexing backlinks, but there are a few things which can be the top on priority.

1. Most of the links they provided are gonna be mostly backlinks that are not worthy of indexing by Google. Less quality backlinks do not really get indexed well, Such links are called link farms

2. Maybe your backlinks are from Comments section

3. The site is not Indexed in Google yet, etc

Whatever may be the reason, With these tips which I am gonna show you, There is a higher chance that your Backlinks will get indexed faster given the circumstances that you follow them

Tips to Index Backlinks Faster

Make Sure Your Backlinks Are Relevant.

What I mean by this statement is that Build backlinks which are relevant to your niche and provide value to your site

For Example, If your site is about SEO, then the backlinks coming from sites related to your niche will be more effective than sites dealing with Food or Animal, Etc

Google will pay more effectiveness from links to your industry

Surround Your Blog With Quality Content

This one is given and it’s not a secret.

Everyone Knows it but surprisingly not many put it into action

Many people don’t fully understand the connection between content and SEO

Tips to write a great Content-

  • Find your unique selling point
  • Differentiate yourself from others
  • Always Offer some kind of value to your customers
  • Make your content unique, valuable, and engaging

Submit To Google

This one is pretty simple.

It just takes Only three Steps

  1. Go to Google Search Console
  2. Type in the URL in the box
  3. solve the captcha and click “Submit Request.”

That pretty much it

Use Backlinks Indexer

There are many tools out there that claim to index your Backlinks Fast

But the most common among them is the

They claim to have a 100% index rate

Here is a detail BacklinksIndexer Review from NeilHosting

Create Better Backlinks

Don’t Complain about your forum and social profile links not getting indexed

As we have mentioned above basically lower quality and less valuable backlinks normally do not get index well.

Again another reason is that you are posting on spammy platform

There are many sites and platform where they provide an auto-approve backlink

Have you ever heard of SENuke, They are not super special. They have their tools post to websites that auto-approve backlinks

Make sure you try to avoid them as much as you can

So the only Solution is to create better, high-quality Backlinks

Two Tier Links

This is a great way to make your content more discoverable by Google
In case you don’t know what Two-tier links are, basically, It works like this-

Second-tier links are the type of links that link out to the content that contains and points to the first-tier link.

The first-tier links are the primary backlink that points and connect to the main page that you aims to rank

Social Signals

Social signals even though they are not a direct ranking factor to Google, but are crucial for Many reasons such as traffic, Brand awareness, Outreach etc

Creating a Buzz.. is always essential to get somebody attention

The more people talk about your site on social media, the more it grows and Google has eyes and ears everywhere. So they will be naturally inclined to look at your site and index them if it seems fit

Social signals will help your links indexed faster and not only that it improves their trust in your site as well

You can use SeoButler to order social Signals

No-Index tags

If you have a no-index tag it means you are telling Google or other search engines to not include that particular page in its list of search results.

So You are basically telling them not to index

This normally doesn’t happen unless you intentionally do it

But if the site is not getting indexed for a reason you don’t know. Maybe check whether it  has a no-index tag

Ping Your Backlinks

Pinging is basically making Google or other search engines aware about your new Post and pages

You can also ping to let them know if you have a new change introduced recently

There are many sites where you can basically ping for free

Some of them are-

  1. Pingler
  2. Googleping
  3. Pingdom
  4. BulkPing
  5. PingGoat
  6. PingBomb
  7. site24x7
  8. Domain Pinger
  9. Ping My Links
  10. Pingthatblog

Just Wait

The best way is to just sit back, Wait and relax

Let Google do its Job

If you have a quality content, good relevant backlinks and not a bunch of spammy links

Eventually, it will index by itself naturally


No need to hurry and panic if your site or links are not getting indexed

It normally takes from 5 days to 4 weeks to naturally index in the search engine

Link Building is tough and whats the use if it does not get indexed

It’s just a waste of time, money and energy

But If you follow the following steps then you are most likely to get indexed

What strategies are you currently using to get your backlinks indexed?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below RIGHT NOW.


  1. Hi Priya,
    Choosing the right platform is the first most important step in getting Backlink fast,All these tips are much useful to follow, now i am going to use “Pingler”.


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