How To Increase Social Shares Of Your Blog Posts


Getting enough traffic is a difficult task specially when your blog is new and have less presence on search engines, but without having a reasonable traffic, you won’t be able to write your blog posts due to disappointments.
Social shares can provide you a large number of visitors if you do it properly. therefore i’m going to provide you a detailed guide to increase social shares for your blog posts.

sharing your posts on social media is a top technique of off page seo, therefore you should not ignore this at any cost.

Benefit of Social Shares

as I stated above that sharing the blog links on social networks can provide you a large number of visitors, but there are some other benefits as well.

Social Sharing can help to increase domain authority of your website, on the other hand, you will have a natural impact on your visitors and followers.

many of your visitors would like to find you on facebook, twitter, google and other networks after they read a wonderful post on your blog, if you have well managed pages on social networks, it mean that you will earn a visitor for a long time.

How To Increase Social Shares?

these are some top recommendations to increase social media shares for your blog posts, after following them properly, you can earn some visitors even at the initial stage of your blogging journey.

Use a good plugin.

these days, almost every blogger prefer to use wordpress as their blogging platform, and wordpress provides you some easy solutions to add a unique sharing box below the each post of your blog.

you just need to choose a good sharing plugin and install in your wordpress blog.

after the installation, you have to set up according to your own wish and buttons will be added in the single posts and pages.

currently i’m using a plugin called WP Social Sharing but other bloggers love to use Share This as well.

Use Images.

while sharing your contents on social media, don’t forget to use an image which explain a bit about the content of provided link.

I notice that images get more attention on social media but simple texts are not enough to convince your followers to read.

you can write a description, some points and important headings in Microsoft word and convert it in an image.

after designing an image, post it with the link of your post.

you should ignore useless information in your image because people will never bother to click on your link if the information of the image would not be impressive.

try to make your image attractive by increasing the font size and choosing a unique design, it will convince your visitors to look upon your image.

use Click to tweet.

have you ever seen a blog post containing a short quote which allows you to tweet on your own twitter profile.

this is a wonderful way to ask your visitors to share your content on twitter, you just need to write a short quotation and then and your visitors will have an option to tweet the link to your article with a single click.

in order to add click to tweet in your own blog. you need to install Click To Tweet plugin in your wordpress blog, and then follow the procedure according to plugin setting.

ask your visitors.

at the end of your blog posts, you should request your visitors to share your blog post on their social profiles.

if your content is unique and beneficial, they will surely want to give you credit by sharing the content.

this is a useful trick to get more social shares.

have you any recommendations to include? please tell your method to increase social shares in comments below.


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