How to Increase Pageviews for your Blog

working tips to convince your visitors toward other blog posts.


Whenever we talk about the website ranking on search engines, there are many factors that we have to consider for a better appearance, and bounce rate is the one of them.
Today we will discuss how to increase pageviews for your blog and decrease bounce rate for your website.

as I have already shared some effective ways to decrease bounce rate so I won’t repeat much about the same, this post will only cover the ways to increase pageviews for your blog or website.

Tips to Increase Pageviews Quickly

These are some practical ways to increase pageviews of your blog and most importantly, i’m using all of these on Blogging Doctor.

Interlink your articles.

Interlinking is a best way to tell your readers about other posts that are relevant to their interest.

On the other hand, Properly interlinking can increase your Domain authority and boost the overall user experience of your website.

There are some plugins available for wordpress which can add related posts in your articles, but these are not good so i would recommend you to don’t use such plugins and always try to manually interlink your blog posts.

Properly Format your Blog.

Noone like to stay at a durty place, so make sure your blog isn’t, keep in mind that “Your blog is your home, don’t keep it durty”.

Have you ever preferred to stay at a messy place when a well organized place is available at same cost? i’m sure you would never like to put yourself in troubles.

You should not expect from people that they will pay attention towards your hardwork if it’s not well maintained.

Therefore, always try to maintain a good blog design and if you are not capable to design, you should hier a designer according to your budget.

these are some tips which will help you to write attractive blog posts

Use Widgets.

In order to increase pageviews for your blog, you can take the help of wordpress widgets by offering relevant posts.

There are many ways to show relevant posts to your visitors by placing widgets below your posts, and you can add them by visiting your widgets section under the appearance menu in your wordpress dashboard.

These are some effective techniques to show blog posts under your main articles.

  • Add popular posts
  • Add Recently updated posts
  • Add related posts
  • Add Popular categories
  • Add recently viewed posts

Remember! don’t add all the above menssioned widgets because it will represent you a little spammer, only use which is most needed.

Honestly speaking all the above menssioned widgets don’t come with every wordpress theme, so you can download some widgets from wordpress store.

Design your homepage.

Many newbi bloggers leave their homepage as default, but it’s not a good practice.

Unless you don’t add a static front page in your site, wordpress blog shows the recently published posts on your homepage.

You are recommended to replace your default homepage with a static page and attempt to design it well.

Experts say that your homepage should well organized than any other page of your website because it represent your whole website.

You should add more widgets on your homepage and show some most important contents of your blog.

It will convince your visitors to click on some posts upon first visit.

Have you any recommendations to increase pageviews for a blog? please add your tips in comments.



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