How to Increase Page Authority Of Blog


You might be already have been building a good domain authority for your website but now if it’s something new for you, then let me introduce you a truth that DA and page authority PA are the two different things and you should focus on both dimensions to achieve a good organic ranking on search engines.
This ultimate guide is going to describe and teach the ways to increase page authority for your blog pages, articles and categories.

Develop by Moz: Domain and page authority plays an important role in overall ranking of any website or blog.

If you have a good domain authority then you can rank well on search engines, but if you have a good page authority, then instead of your homepage, your each and every page will have enough potential to rank for a specific keyword in SERPs.

How to build page authority?

Page authority is somewhat difficult than DA because most of our blogger fellows don’t understand the difference between them.

If your DA is 20 and page authority is 30 for the homepage, then it does not mean that your about page will have the same authority score, your DA will be the same for about us page, but your page authority will not be at the same score as homepage.

In order to increase PA score, you need to work hard and implement some more techniques.

These are some practicle techniques to improve Page authority for your blog or website.

Remember, if you have a static website then it’s super easy to boost page authority, but if you have a blog, then you will always need to work in order to keep your authority score up to date.


Interlinking is a universal thing to boost page and domain authority, but when it comes to improve only page authority, then interlinking surely plays a majour rol.

Without interlinking your articles to other relevant articles, it’s nearly impossible to boost page authority for your blog.

External backlinks.

People always commit a common mistake while building backlinks for their blog or website.

Specially who focus on blog commenting, they only use their Homepage URL and only one anchor text for commenting.

In order to increase page authority, you need to get backlinks for deep pages on your blog.

Lets suppose you have written an article about on page seo techniques, then you instead of putting your homepage URL in comments, you should find another blogger who have written the similar article and add your article’s URL and use a different anchor text if allowed.

Improve article structure.

I have seen many bloggers who have a lot of knowledge about their fields but they don’t know how to write a blog post.

They try to deliver their blog post as they are attempting for an exam.

They start with a long introduction and then keep writing just like a plane text document.

Make sure you are not doing this mistake because a blogger need to deliver a friendly communication.

Always try to break your articles in appropriate headings, lists and sections so it can be displayed in a user friendly way.

Use categories and tags wisely.

So what are tags to you? i have seen many famous websites using tags without any sense.

People think that tags are just an alternative to keyword stuffing and they start writing unlimited useless tags, I strictly use a single tag and category with each of my blog post.

I never use tags as my keyword.

So how should you use categories and tags? Well you should add a few categories in your whole website and tags as their subcategories.

I have a category of SEO but i have two tags called “On page SEO and Off page SEO”.

Whenever i write a post under Search engine optimization, i put it under the SEO category and use the tags accordingly.

Remember: it’s important to bring the related blog posts closer to each other if you really want to get SEO benefits, otherwise nothing won’t help if you still add tags blindly.

Use some widgets.

Yes, widgets can display your blog posts in a user friendly way, If you will add some widgets containing related posts then it’s a good practice to boost page authority.

Make sure that widget is really showing related posts, you can achieve this by showing posts from the same categories and tags.

Using related blog posts wisely can increase your page authority in a less period of time.

Have you an other method to increase page authority for a site? please let me know in comments.


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