5 Ways to Improve organic Traffic for your blog

Organic SEO best practices to get maximum natural traffic to your blog or website.


Without a large number of visitors, it’s impossible for a blog to move towards success, therefore you should not forget to follow organic seo best practices to improve organic traffic.

My article does not contain a magical way to achieve blog traffic, but it has some important points that you should follow on your own blog.

This article will be beneficial for those who have spared a lot of time in writing quality contents but still they receive a short amount of visitors and pageviews.

Keep in mind that you can increase pageviews for a blog if you have maintained a good appearance but increasing organic traffic is a bit difficult .

How to improve organic search rankings for your blog

Organic traffic is most important if your plan is to become a professional blogger because traffic from social networks can boost your image but if you are looking to run a blog that makes money then you should highly focus on organic blog traffic.

Remove unnecessary pages from search.

By default, every CMS submit all of your pages to search engines because CMS don’t know which page is important and which is not.

You have to remove unnecessary pages manually if you don’t want to present a spam blog

There are many plugins to set noindex tag on your blog pages but I would highly suggest you to use yoast seo because it will be enough to manage all the SEO aspects of your website.

If you don’t know which pages you should remove from google search then you can follow my list below.

  • Archives
  • Random categories
  • Tags
  • Author Profiles
  • Subpages of archives

If you will not set noindex tag to these pages, then your blog will become a mess and google and other search engines won’t be able to show exact posts in their results.

Design a custom homepage.

If you use wordpress as your content management system, then your default homepage will show most recent posts of your blog, but this is not enough to attract visitors.

In order to capture the attention of your visitors, you have to design a homepage which makes sense.

Homepage is the first page that your visitor see upon first visit to your blog, therefore make sure that you have spent more time to make it convincing for a visitor to click on some posts.

Don’t forget to make your blog homepage light and easy to load because search engines frequently update it.

If it will contain a lot of useless material, then it’s loading time will be high which can become a cause of problem.

If you are conscious about your homepage SEO then read my guide to learn homepage seo optimizations
Write SEO friendly titles.

Did you know? writing a good title is difficult than writing a full blog post because title is only a thing which represent about your full article, if you have not written a good title for a blog post, it will be difficult for you to show your blog in google search.

On the other hand, a wrong title can badly damage your bounce rate because whenever a visitor click on your blog post from google, he will immediately leave your blog if your article does not contain material according to it’s title.

Use a good theme.

Using a good theme is important if you care about your blog.

Remember, your blog is a home, make sure it looks clean and well designed.

If you will use a simple theme, there are minimum chances to engage your readers for a long time.

there are many free wordpress themes which can help you to design a good blog, otherwise you can use some premium wordpress themes if your plan is to design a professional look for blog.

Whenever you choose a theme for your blog, confirm it’s SEO features and appearance as well.

If you won’t Consider SEO features, then your theme can misbehave with search engines and this will put you in google penalty.

Submit your site to search engines.

Search engines can automatically find and crawl your website, but you should manually submit your website to different search engines so they can crawl your website in a more ifficient manner.

you can read my guides to submit a website to bing and submit a website to google.

Once your website become an authoritative source, don’t forget to submit it on DMoz as well.


It’s difficult to improve organic traffic over night, but with the use of proper organic seo techniques, you can get a good result in next weeks.

What elce you would recommend to improve traffic for a blog? write your own organic seo best practices below.



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