The Importance of Niche Blogging


today, i’m going to clear your concepts about the blog niche, if you’re among those newbi bloggers who are still unaware about the importance of Niche Blogging, read my post to get the key of success!

What is Niche Blogging?

blog niche, also called the blog topic which tells people about your contents.
your blog niche describes the topic of your blog to your visitors and search engins. a person who have running a blog with a niche of internet marketing, cannot write articles on shoos brand.

your blog niche sett a limit over the posts of your blog and prevents you to write anything off topic.

Importance of niche blogging

in order to convert visitors into subscribers, its important to runn a niche blog.
if you really want to engage your visitors and want them to subscribe your blog. its important to write on a topic in which they have interest.
take a simple example, lets spos you are a blogger, you love to read blogs on SEO, wordpress, online earning and internet marketing. what would happen if your favorite blog would start sending you articles about games and software reviews?
of cource you’ll be getting annoyed and you will start searching another good blog according to your interest, if you will entertain your subscribers with their favorite contents, they will never leave your site and may be they will promote you through their social profiles.
read my article where i’ve explained How to Choose a right Niche for blog

according to Google niche blog gets more ranking than nicheless blogs. when you will write on a specific topic, your chances of getting better ranking would always be hier because you will get famous for that spescific keyword.
honestly speaking i have never seen a nicheless website on first page of google search results.

niche blog is a source of earning

yes, you read absolutely correct, you can earn a lot by Niche Blogging. you can join the Adsense program by google which is ultimate wish of every blogger.
they won’t accept your application if you don’t have a propper topic on your blog,
people sometimes complains that despite having alot of posts, pages and images, google rejects my application and says due to inseficient contents, we cannot accept your application.

guess what? you are making mistakes in your blog, just provide contents on a specific topic so google will crawl your website properly.
for more details. you can read my article Top 10 Tips to get Approved in Google AdSense where I have explained some of points in detail.


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