How to Export and Import Database In PHPMyadmin


unless you are not running a static website, database is the main part of your whole website which contains all of your important information.
this post is going to answer that how you can export and import database in phpmyadmin using CPanel.

this method applies to XAMPP envirement as well so you don’t need to worry if you are going to use a live server or local envirement.

How to import database in phpmyadmin?

in order to import your database, you just need to follow some of easy steps exactly as written below.

First of all, login to the CPanel of your website.
note: if you are at local envirement, type http://localhost/phpmyadmin in your browser instead of opening CPanel

if you are using CPanel with a live hosting, then after loging in, navigate to the phpmyadmin under the databases section.

click databases tab and then brows your database file from your computer.

now click upload button and wait for the uploading process.

after the successful upload, you will see a success message and your database will be imported to the phpmyadmin.

if you want to insert your database in existing database, it’s also possible and your database will be included along with the other tables of old database.

you just need to open an old database where you want to add your current database and then click import button.

How to Export Database?

exporting a database is not difficult at all.

follow the steps below to export your database for backup.

  1. login to CPanel or type localhost/phpmyadmin for local envirement.
  2. navigate to the phpmyadmin under the databases
  3. click databases tab
  4. click on the database name which you want to export
  5. click export button and download the file.

you are done.

have you any other method to import database in phpmyadmin? write your method in comments.


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