How To Properly Use Images On Blog posts


we offen talk about using images with your blog, but did you ever think that how should you use images on blog posts?

there is a lot to consider if you want to use images with your blog, simply adding a captionless image won’t help you to add any values in the eyes of search engins.

How to use images on blog?

in order to use an image with your blog, consider the recommendations as written below.

compress your images.

before posting an image to your blog, don’t forget to optimize it’s size.

a large image will take more time to load and your visitors will quickly leave your page due to slow loading of your web page.

on the other hand, search engins love those sites who load faster, if your site loading time is not good, search engine will never bother to provide a fair crawling to your blog.

don’t use other’s images.

before downloading an image for your blog, make sure that you have permission to use it anywhere on your blog.

some newbi bloggers think that there is no problem to use any image with their blog posts, but finally they end-up with copywrite violence.

I would recommend you to always design your own images, but if you cannot, there are many other ways to find free images for your blog posts.

use image where necessary.

it’s not important to add an image above the each word of your article.
you should use image where it’s difficult to explain for you in words.

on the other hand, you can use image where you feel you have to show a proof to your visitors.
for example you can add a screenshot to your blog earnings if you are convincing your visitors to trust on your blog earnings.

always use an image caption.

using a caption with your images make search engins able to read your images properly.

do you think that search engins have eyes? or there is a person who dictate your images to search engins.

unfortunately you are wrong here, obviously search engins don’t have eyes, they can read only the caption from your images.

if you will provide a proper caption with the each image of your blog, there is a chance for your images to show up in search engins.

what method you would recommend to use images with a blog, add your own thoughts in comments.


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