How To Properly Use Headings For Blog Posts


in order to be found on the search engins, you must consider to format your blog posts properly.
along with many other on page seo aspects, using proper headings for blog posts are important to get crawled ifficiently.

being a beginner, you may have already know that there are 6 levels of headings in a web page, heading level 1 through 6.

but it’s important to use a proper level of heading according to the importance of your blog content.

this post is going to explain about the proper use of headings level 1 through 6

How To Use Headings For Blog?

these are some recommendations to use your headings according to search engin’s guidelines, by using these recommendations on your blog, you can be found easily in search engine results.

heading level 1.

in order to avoid confusing search engins, you should use heading level one only once in a page.

your main content should begin with heading level one and it should not be repeated again in whole page.

some seo friendly wordpress themes have already removed the h1 tag from your blog pages, but if your theme shows an h1 tag in each blog post, it’s important to remove it from your blog title.

you may use the h1 tag along with your blog title but it looks fair only on the homepage of your site.

Heading level 2.

all your important highlights should be written with the H2 tag.

make sure that the content you are writing in heading level 2 is deserving for becoming a highlight for your blog post.

if it’s only an important keyword, you should bold this instead of making a heading.

Heading level 3.

if you have something to include as a subtopic in your post, then use h3 tag under the h2 tag, it will represent you a professional writer on the front of your visitors.

remember! h3 tag should not be written directly under the h1 tag because without having a highlight, you cannot have a subhighlight.

Heading level 4.

you should use h4 tag just for your sidebars, an author box can also be displayed under the h4 tag, but unless you really need to, you should not include this tag in the main body of your blog post.

it may look cool if you will use h4 tag only below the main content of your blog.

heading level 5 and 6.

I would recommend you to don’t use h5 and h6 tag in your whole blog because it really don’t makes sense.

instead of adding h5 and h6 tags, you should bold your text where you need to highlight it with a small worth.

what method you follow to use headings for blog posts? tell your recommendations in comments.


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