How To Use Fetch As Google To Submit Your Blog Posts Quickly


did you ever noticed that google is indexing posts in seconds of a brand new blog but your blog take more time? all is you have to use Fetch As Google tool.

you can quickly submit blog posts to google with the propper use of fetch as google tool with your site.

What is Fetch as google?

fetch as google is a tool offered by google search console which allows bloggers to submit their new contents to google without waiting even a second.

google made this feature because you may need to add a content to your blog which gets update after every hour or minuts.

by default google doesn’t crawl new blogs in minuts, but with the use of this wonderful feature, you can force google to crawl your new content in seconds.

you may need to use this tool with your brand new blog, because once your ranking will be improved, google will increase the rate of crawling for your blog automatically.

How to use Fetch as google

in order to quickly submit blog posts to google, all is you need to open your search console account, navigate to fetch as google and insert the url of your new blog post.

follow the steps below to get your content indexed faster than ever.

  1. open your google cearch console account
  2. click any verified property
  3. click crawling tab
  4. click fetch as google
  5. type the URL of webpage “without domain name and slashes //”
  6. choose desktop or mobile
  7. click fetch button

now you need to follow some more steps to finally submit your content to google.

  1. click “request indexing” from the table below
  2. solve the captcha verification
  3. choose crawl this page or it’s direct links
  4. click “go button”

alright, you have successfully submited your new blog post to google. now you can search your post on google.

have you any confusion about the fetch as google tool? please ask me in comments below.


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