How to Submit Website To Bing Webmaster Tools


in order to get organic traffic for your blog, you have to submit your blog or website to different web master tools such as google, bing and yahoo. read this guide to submit website to bing webmaster tools
as we have already discussed that how to submit website to google search console, so today I will teach you how you can submit website to bing webmaster tools.

usually people focus on just google but believe me, bing can provide you a large amount of traffic too!

whenever we install a fresh copy of windows to our computer, you may have already noticed that our default search engine is bing until we change this to google or yahoo.

some people don’t change this for a long time and whenever they type their search query on internet explorer, they get results from bing.

since now you may have made a clear concept to bing, follow the steps below to submit website to bing webmaster tools

How to submit website to bing?

so lets come to the main content of this article.
bing webmaster tool doesn’t required you to create a new account unless you don’t have a skype account, these days, almost everyone have a skype account, isn’t it?

follow the steps below to submit website to bing webmaster tools.

login to bing

open the homepage of bing webmaster tools now, if you have a skype account, click sign in button or if you don’t have, you can create a microsoft account for free by clicking sign up button.

after the successful sign in, you will be redirected to bing webmaster tools dashboard

Add your site

from the bing dashboard, you can manage your current sites or add a new site.

in order to add a new site, click Add a site a new page will load with title “Add a site | Bing” under the heading of “about my site”, add the following information:

  • URL
    the link for homepage of your site
  • Sitemap
    the link to your sitemap page
  • time of receiving traffic
    choose all day from combo box

about me.

here you have to fill following:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • job role
  • company or organization name
  • company or organization size
  • industry
  • contact phone
  • city
  • state
  • zip code
  • country
  • i’m an agency, not a site owner
    check if you represent to an agency


set contact and alerts preferences.

from these sections, you have to modify notifications emails for your site.

verify site ownership.

here you have to verify that you are the real owner of this site.
these are 3 methods to verify the ownership of your site.

  • file upload
  • meta tags
  • add cname record to dns

it’s recommended to download a file from provided link, upload file to your website using a ftp client like file zilla and click verify button below.

congrats! you have successfully submitted your site to bing webmaster tools.

have you any confusion? ask me an comments below


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