How To Set Up SEO Smart Links with wordpress


as we previously have describe how to interlink blog posts to improve seo using seo smart links. so today we will discuss on how to set up seo smart links with your wordpress site.

Seo smart links is a wordpress plugin which can interlink your old blog posts in your new articles without even a single click.

Introduction to SEO Smart links

seo smart links check the every word in your article against the old post titles, keywords and URLS. it can check the titles and URLS of your blog categories, tags and pages as well.

if any title, keyword, URL, catagory or tag will be matched with the sentense of your article, it will link that element with the sentense automatically!

on the other hand, you can add custom keywords to any external site as well, whenever you will type the keyword on your blog, seo smart links will check the list of custom keywords, if the keyword has any reference to an external link, it will make a link to that location!

it can automatically add nofollow attributes to your external links and allows you to make a white list for dofollow locations as well.

seo smart links allows you to manage your affiliate links by making the custom keywords to an external location, and the best thing is that all your old posts will recognise this keyword without having to edit them!

how to set up seo smart links?

well, you got inspired by the flexibility of this plugin and looking for a tutorial on how to set up seo smart links with your own site?
read below to learn everything about seo smart links in detail.

first of all, download SEO smart links from wordpress plugin store and install it to your site, if you need any assistance about the installation, here is a guide to learn how to install wordpress plugins

after the installation, a new menu named as “SEO smart links” will be added to your wordpress dashboard, click there to open the administration panel of plugin.

you will see four pages including

  • options
  • custom keywords
  • import export
  • about

in order to set up SEO smart links completely, you have to configure the first two pages according to your needs.


from the options tab, you can set up everything about interlinking.

this page has divided in following sections:

  • processing options
  • automatically interlinking
  • misc. options
  • link template
  • ignore posts and pages
  • ignore keywords
  • limits
  • external links
  • redirection support

below i have provide a short detail to every section.

Processing options

this page allows you to set up the interlinking rules, you have to check required check box for the processing of interlink feature.

the following check boxes are available.

  • Posts
    check this if you want to allow your posts to be linked with another post.
  • allow post interlinking to itself
    check this if you want to interlink the same post if it’s contain the post title in body.
  • Pages
    check this if you want your pages to be interlink in your posts
  • allow page to interlinking  itself
    check this if you want your page to be interlink if the body contains it’s title
  • process posts only older than
    this edit box allows you to enter the days, if you will add 10 as the day value, the plugin won’t check posts older than 10 days.

automatically interlinking.

this section allows you to select the element which should interlink in your posts.

here you can select posts, pages, categories and tags for interlinking to your blog posts. below I have written a detailed list of things that you can choose.

  • Posts
  • posts within same category
    check this if you want to interlink the posts from same categories. I recommend leave it unchecked unless you are doing nicheless blogging.
  • post slug
    check this if you want your post sentence to be checked against the URLs of your blog posts.
  • pages
  • categories
  • tags
  • taxonomy has used minimum
    this edit box allows you to exclude blank catagories and tags from being interlinked. enter a positive number or 0 if you want to interlink blank catagories and tags
  • Minimum length in characters for term to be considered for interlinking
    this edit box allows you to set character limits for interlinks, use 0 if you don’t want to set character limit on your links.

misc. options.

from this section, you can choose interlinking on single post and pages, means seo smart links would not interfear on the homepage and archive pages of your blog.

You can specify maximum number of posts to be checked as a possible automatic interlinking target.

Also you can select criteria for post filtering. Default is 500, Post title length, Ascending (meaning all of posts on the blog will be sorted from those with smallest title to largest, and by default first 500 will be checked as possible link targets).
change the default value according to your need.


furthermore, seo smart links can provide interlinking in your rss feed as well!

lastly, you can enable or disable case sensitive characters, disable wordpress texturization and can use seo smart links features in non-English characters.

link template.

It recognizes special replacements: {keyword} (replaced by the matched keyword), {url} (replaced with the target URL) and {description} (replaced by post excerpt, or taxonomy description).

you can add or remove attributes according to your own wish.

ignore posts and pages.

this section allows you to exclude specific posts and pages from being interlinked, you can put slug, title or ID in available edit box below.

ignore keywords.

this section allows you to ignore keywords from being interlink in your blog posts and pages, type the keywords which you don’t want to be interlinked automatically.


this section allows you to sett limits on following:

  • maximum number of different links per post
  • maximum number of links the page is allowed to have
  • maximum number of same keyword
  • maximum number of same target

external links.

this section allows you to set open all external links in new window, nofollow attribute and white list for dofollow external links.

redirection support.

SEO Smart Links provides easy to use redirection support for custom keywords. Custom keyword links can be redirected through the base path entered below.

Custom Keywords

the second page of seo smart links allows you to add custom keywords to any web location.

Here you can manually add extra keywords that you want to automatically link when they appear in your posts and pages.

Use comma (or separator you specify) to separate keywords in a group. Then separate the target URL with vertical bar (‘|’ character).

Enter new set of comma seperated keywords and URL in the new line. You can have these keywords link to any url, not only on your site.

If you enter several URLs seperated with comma, plugin will randomly select one of them to link to. If you want to use redirection, add a redirection phrase after the URL, seperated by another vertical bar | character.

the following choices are available as options.

  • use visual keyword editor
  • prevent duplicate links for grouped keywords
  • automatically check plural form of the keyword
  • trim spaces for custom keywords
  • separator for custom keyword list

Import Export

this page allows you to import the custom keyword from your computer or you can download the current list of your custom keywords in csv format.

on the other hand, you can import and export the entire configuration you made for this plugin, exporting configuration can be beneficial if you have plan to use it on another site.

I hope now you have completely learnt that how to set up seo smart links with your own blog. still if you have any confusion, question or query, I will be happy to respond you in comments below.


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