How to Improve SEO by improving google crawling


how can you Improve SEO by the improvements of crawling rate of your website and blog? this is a frequently asked question by newbi bloggers. therefore i decided to share some of my personal experiences about google crawling.
this method applies to website who have already submited on Google Webmasters tool if you haven’t submit your blog on google, read my step by step guide on How To submit website to Google search console.

ways to improve SEO with google crawling

there are many ways to improve your site SEO with google crawling and i’ll touch some of them in short details, first of all, keep in mind that in order to Improve SEO of your blog, you’ll have to consider hardworking, blogging is not a peace of cake, you need to become enough smartt and you’ll have to cover your blog from everywhere. if you will forget after submitting your site to search console, you won’t get much benefit then.

check load time

if you want google to crawl your pages quickly then its important that your site takes minimum time to load, sites with slow loading time cannot get better ranking in google, if your website takes 0.5 or 1 second to load, its good signal, but if it takes 2 or more seconds then remember, its time to worry about it. there are many free domain checker available over the internet, just google the “check domain speed” or any similar fraze and check your domain load time.
if your load time is slow, i’ll recommend you to switch your blog over a fast server. blog speed really matters in order to Improve SEO of your contents

optomise your images

most of people use images in their blog but they don’t use image captions, remember, if you would not provide caption with images, search engins including google won’t be able to understand your image. make a habit to write image captions if you really want to Improve SEO.
when you will provide image captions, your images would be considered by google while searching a content

submit sitemaps

submiting your sitemap file to search engins like google can improve your site crawling, I know creating a manual sitemap file is difficult because you cannot edit your sitemap everytime you publish a new posts, therefore i’ll suggest you to use Yoast SEO, yoast seo is an ultimate solution to manage your blog SEO because it has a lot of features, i must say that in order to Improve SEO of your blog, there is only one plugin which provides fully satisfaction. check complete guide Install and Set-Up Yoast Seo plugin with wordpress where I have explained everything in detail.

use google fetch

after submitting your sitemap to google webmaster tools, your site should work well and your new articles should available on google in short time, if your articles are still taking one or more days to be updated on google, fetch your catagories.
you can click this Direct link to google fetch page or open fetch page from your search console dashboard.
after opening, select your verified property, and provide the URL of your category, after writing URL, click fetch, then choos fetch page and its direct links. solve the human verification and submit.

this method tells google that your category need immediate crawling.
on the other hand, you can submit your new articles to google with the use of this great feature.

add sitemaps in robots.txt

I recommend that edit your robots.txt file and add your sitemaps links in that file.
you can add the following code in your robots.txt file, here are my sitemaps links in robots.txt

i hope your blog would work better than before By following the above guidelines.
please tell me in comments that what method do you use or recommend to Improve SEO of blogs? i’ll be glad to see you there


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