How to Choose a right Niche for blog


choosing the right Niche for a new blog is always remained a headache for newbi bloggers. therefore i decided to write a practical guide which will show you the possible ways to think like a pro blogger.

without having a prior experience in Blogging, its nearly impossible to start a successfull blog with a right Niche.
almost 90 out of 100 newbi bloggers make mistake with their Blog Niche because they don’t know The Importance of Niche Blogging i started Soft Beginners as a multi topic blog, but later i learnt that i’m not going at right path because despite of having quality contents, i were not getting enough visitors so i decided to delete all the posts and then i decided to write on specific topic.

How to Choose right Niche for blog?

there is no solid and official method to choos a right Niche for blog because it relies on your skills.
so follow some guidelines which i used personally in order to find a right Niche for my own blog.

think on which topic you can write unlimited articles.
if you have a strong interest in photography, then you should have obility to write an article on only one dialogue box of a software like Adobe Photoshop.

take a paper, note down some of your skills and try to write an article on each interested topic.
when you finished writing, check the quality of articles

you will see that all articles are not well written, you’ll surely like only 2 or 3 articles because of their quality and containing information.

after that, you’ll become able to decide about your blog niche because you’ll surely like to write on the topic which can impress your visitors. writing with limited knowledge will represent you a boring author on the front of your visitors.

check the worth of Niche

well, you finished analysis of topics, now you have selected a right Niche for your blog, but before you start writing its important to check the worth of topic which you have selected after writing many articles.

are you sure that people will show interest in your blog topic? do people need assistance about this topic?
you can search on google about your blog topic, if google has alot of relevant results, make sure you are going to write better than others.

if google contains only afew relevant results, you should think that why google don’t have a lot of results?

google shows afew results in 2 conditions

  • When a Topic is Difficult
    google will show limited results when a topic is extremely difficult and there are  a few authors who are writing on this topic
  • when a topic is outdated
    google will not show results if since a long time, that topic is not active and people have found another alternate

as we all know that these days noone is interested in listening compact cassette because mobile phone, computer and DVD players has taken place of a compact cassette.

if you are asure that your selected topic has enough worth, then go for it otherwise later you’ll feel regret.

have you any question about the selecting a right Niche for blog?? ask me in comments.


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