How Often Should You Write a Blog Post


in order to remain connected to your visitors, there is nothing elce which can provide you a platform except writing your blog frequently.
but how often should you write a blog post? this is a frequently asked question by every blogger and today i’m going to answer the same.

this is an open secret that the more you write, the more you get visitors from search engins and your social networks.
but honestly speaking writing blog on daily basis is not possible if you are a hobby blogger.

you have to fulfill your other responsibilities along with writing something for your blog.

So How Often Should You Write For Your Blog?

here are my recommendations that you should consider if you are seriously concerned about your blog traffic.

read below to learn how often should you write a blog post

For new blogs.

if you are starting a new blog then you should write many posts in a single day.

though it could be difficult for you to write 5 posts in a day but without achieving this number of posts, there is no chance for you to capture some visitors for your blog.

try to find new ideas from your competitor’s blog, cover the topic from the beginning and then move on some advance technicalities.

After 500 posts.

you can decrease the number of posts per day when you reached a number of 500 posts in your blog.

it’s recommended to write at least 2 posts per day even if you have written 500 posts for your new blog.

your visitors would always like to hear something new from your side, so don’t make them disappoint at the beginning.

after 1000 posts.

this is the time to take some rest, now your visitors will never leave you because they will have many things to read on your blog, you can simply provide them 2 or 3 posts per week and they will love to read them with open heart.

after 2000 posts.

achieving this number of posts is difficult, but once you achieved, you will never feel any problem while writing a new post on your blog.

because of your experience, you would write a new post in just 10 minutes and your writing skills will become exceptional.

at this stage, it’s recommended to write at least one post per week because your readers would always be waiting for your kind words.

After success.

a successful time comes when you reach the number of almost 3000 posts, this time is to enjoy your life from your blog.

if you are making money from your blog, you will receive a good amount of dalers every month.

your readers would like to contribute guest posts on your blog, you just need to write a post after 8 or 10 days, but make sure to encourage your visitors to submit guest posts on your blog.

now it’s your tern to suggest that how often should you write a blog post. add your recommendations in comments below.


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