How Much Keyword Density Is Good For SEO


in order to optimize a blog posts with on page seo, we always try to maintain it for maximum keywords.
this post is going to explain everything about the keyword density for your blog posts.

as we have already described that what are keywords in seo and how to find free keywords for blog posts, so today we will discuss about the usage of keywords in your articles.

What is a keyword density?

it is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears in a blog post compared to the total number of words on the page.

In the context of SEO, keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

in past, keyword was considered a majour factor to provide ranking to a spicific web page, but since bloggers started this technique to optimize their blog posts with over use of keywords, it became a small factor.

now google penalise those sites who uses over keywords with their blog posts, but it still important for the overall seo of your website.

What is a good keyword density?

in order to maintain your posts with on page seo, you should keep the density bitween 1 to 2 percent in your articles.

remember, never repeat your keywords without a strong reason because this practice will lead your blog towards keyword stuffing.

it’s important to use multiple keywords for a single post, because if you will use only one keyword for your post, it would be difficult for you to rank better.

on the other hand, if you will use only a single keyword, you won’t be able to maintain a good density.

if you are going to write an article of 500 words, you should go for maximum 5 and minimum 3 keywords.

if you have selected 5 keywords for your new post, you can use each keyword 2 times to maintain the total of 2 percent of your keyword density.

when you will use multiple keywords, your blog post would not be considered as a spam because all the keywords will be used properly.

One of the very important thing is that you should not forget to find LSI keywords and use them properly with your article.

what happens when a keyword density is too low?

it’s not recommended to keep the density too low because it won’t allow you to rank on the search engins for a spicific phrase.

no doubt density is a minor factor to rank on google and other search engins, but it still makes sense.

you cannot expect to rank for that phrase which is not exist in your blog post, therefore its important to keep your keyword density good if you want to rank on the search engins.


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