How Much Keyword Density Is Good For SEO


Getting worried about search engines penalties for using keywords wrongly? No problems, everyone face hard times for maintaining a search engine friendly blog or website.
Today we will discuss about some possibilities to keep your keyword density under control and remove red signals from your blog that can be a cause of Google Panda.

Whatever keyword strategy you choos for your blog, you always have to look for alternative keywords, synonyms words or any other similar way to keep your density under control.

On the other hand, if you are totally newbie blogger then it’s difficult for you to decide about the seo keyword density percentage because there is no plugin to analyse your post’s text properly.

Although Yoast SEO is a good plugin to manage your website or blog’s seo, but unfortunately it does not calculate your keyword density properly.

In order to get a message of best keyword density, you have to take the help of keyword stuffing which is not a good approach for any serious blogger.

What is Best keyword density for SEO

Ok, currently we will discuss about the seo keyword density percentage so you can understand about the things you need to make your articles able to rank well.

A percentage of 1.5 is an ideal keyword density for your blog posts if you are serious about the rankings and you want to get organic traffic.

Some people thinks that 2 or 2.5 percentage of keyword density is a good choice but i personally think that it makes our articles boring and it will surely lead our blog post towards keyword stuffing.

Remember, Keywords are important for any blog or website but they are not alone who decide about your rankings on search engines.

There are almost 200 hidden ranking factors which are not disclosed yet and Google does not recommend to talk much on those.

If all the ranking factors were disclosed then google would surely had lossed it’s importance due to providing a worst search experience to their users.

Well, now if you are convinced that keywords are small ranking factor then you must be thinking to write atractive blog posts by removing negative seo implementations which will not only benefit you in seo but it will increase your overall readability.

How to maintain good keyword density?

Do you belong to the group of bloggers who prefer to use their keyword after every 100 or 50 words while writing an article?

Wait, let me tell you that it’s not necessary to repeat your keywords many times just because you are writing a blog post regarding to this keywords.

You should always go for natural writing style which can show you a mature writer on the front of your visitors.

repeating a keyword where it does not makes sense can improve your ranking chances but you build a blog for visitors, not only for search engines.

Suppose if you are writing a blog post on apple watch and currently you are writing about it’s specifications, then what happen if you will repeat your keyword “Apple watch review”?

People will easily understand that you are just trying to satisfy search engines and you don’t care about your blog readability.

Instead of repeating a singal keyword many times, you should go and find LSI keywords which will help you to use your keyword properly.

By using LSI keyword with your blog, you can easily write appropriate keywords on appropriate place.

If you are writing Apple Watch review then your LSI could be Apple watch specifications.

This practice will not only allow you to write naturally but it will improve your chances to rank well too.

Google has stated that they give preference to LSI keywords so you don’t need to worry if your seo plugin alert you about the low keyword percentage in your blog post.

Now it’s your turn, according to you what is a good keyword density and how it should be used in blog posts.? write your thoughts in comments below.


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