How Long Will It Take Before I Start Making Money With a Blog


This post is recommended to those who are badly searching for an answer to their question that when I would become able to start making money with a blog?

in order to earn from your blog, there are many things to consider before you start getting the expected results and first of all, you must start a money making blog instead of starting a random blog.

i’m just going to make you aware about the points that are necessary to make money from a blog.

after you will successfully find all the menssioned signals in your own blog, your earning would become possible.

5 Tips to consider for a money making blog

below are the 5 things that you need to make sure before you can start earning something from your blog.

Domain Authority.

domain authority is a very important factor if you want to become an authoritative personality in your blog niche.

without having a good domain authority, you cannot get the visitors that matters to you.

and without getting the targeted visitors, it’s almost impossible to make them agree to visit you on daily basis.

you may have already know that an authoritative man earns more than 50 beginners because people does not believe you until you don’t show them a strong reason.

if you are really concerned about the domain authority, these are my 5 recommendations to improve domain authority for your own blog today.

Search Engin Appearance.

the second thing is that you should have a good search engine appearance for your blog.

without having a strong appearance on different search engins, it’s nearly impossible to get right visitors on your page.

can you expect from a stranger that he will try to find your blog post if he already got his required information on the first page of google? i’m sure you would not ever associate these types of expectations from strangers.

therefore it’s important to come at the top of search engine results so you could capture a visitor before it become too late.

make a habit to follow on page seo techniques while writing a post on your blog.

Fixed Number Of Visitors.

it’s assumed that you have achieved that stage when your blog posts appears on the first page of search engins, now you need at least 1000 unique visitors per day who will be interested on your blog topic.

these are the people who are going to make your success possible.

always try to increase the number of unique visitors, but you need to worry if you are not able to keep your visitors connected for a long time.

there is a red signal for you and you need to find a reason which is trying to throw your visitors away from your blog.

Loyelty Followers.

it’s time to build some followers for your blog who will be ready to bookmark your blog, subscribe your RSS feed and join your mailing lists.

if someone is trying to get your contents in their inbox, it’s simply mean that he or she don’t want to miss even a single update from your blog.

these are the actual people who are going to trust you blindly.

they have actually found their “Guru” and they will ready to believe on your words without doing more research on other blogs.

they will be ready to pay for a product if you have suggested them with a comprehensive review.

Implement Earning methods.

at the very final stage, you need to apply some earning method on your blog that will make you able to generate some money from your visitors.

there are many methods that you can implement on your blog for making money.

first of all, everyone tryes to get google adds for their blog, but you can join affiliate  marketing if you really want to make an amount from your blog which makes you able to live your life through your blog earnings.

google adds can only pay the bills of your coffee or chocolates but you cannot expect a huge amount unless you don’t receive at least 500,000 unique visitors per day.

implement whatever is your selection, and you will see that your blog will then able to generate some dalers for you in a few weeks or months.

now it’s your tern, what you will recommend to start making money with a blog? please write your thoughts in comments below.


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