Why is it so Hard to Make Money Online in 2018

Everything you need to know that why is it so hard to make money online and how a lot of people cheat your emotions by telling you their fake income reports


Don’t go crazy if you heard a conversation while passing from the door of a coffeeshop , Guys often prefer to talk more than reality and same goes with their fake online income reports. Today i will disclose everything i know about the topic and you will learn by yourself that why is it so hard to make money online and how your energies are being abused by some clever guys. First of all, making money online is not a game, it’s not a matter of a few clicks as well, it actually requires a lot of background of internet marketing, research, knowledge, contributions and courage to stand alone when everyone prefer to sleep.

Confusions about online earning

These are some common thoughts about making money online that you will encountered whenever you will sit with a few guys who know a bit about internet, social media campaigns, internet marketing, and blog monitisations. Whenever you attend the company of such guys, they tells you that you don’t need more than a week or month to start thouzands of dollars just from the internet. According to them, blog monitisation is a fun, social media is a game, internet marketing is a piece of cake and you will end up with getting a drum of dollars before you go into your bed for sleep. 🙂 May be i’m sounding a bit rude but i’m writing whatever i learnt from such unrealistic thoughts exists around.

A Short overview of the lies

These are some interesting lies that i faced in my own company.

I attended the meeting with a friend from my workplace and he said i want to increase my fans on social media and please guide me a bit if you know any shortcut.

I recommended him to promote your pages because it’s nearly impossible to boost your followers in a minimum time without working hard.

After my suggestion, i ask him about the purpose of followers and he surprised me with a greatest lie.

He said “I want to get 3000 followers so i’d be able to make $300/day by posting advertisements, last but not least, he amazed me with his last sentense that one of my friends making $18,000/month with almost 10K followers on facebook.”

He asked me to increase his social media followers so he will share all of his earning with me in future.

I simply refused the offer because despite of having a lot of high quality articles on my own blog, i’m still not able to make $18,000/month so how can someone make a huge money with some random followers?

I accept that it’s possible to make money online without investment but it requires you to work, it won’t come true just because of a few durty techniques.

That time has gone when everyone had an open door of internet banks and people were living by republishing copyrighted material on their own blogs.

How to Make an Honest Living Online?

Despite of many difficulties, i can never say that it’s impossible to make a living online, i don’t say that noone is telling their income reports rightly.

There are still many big bloggers who are earning more than enough money for the survival of their families just from the internet. You could make money from your online work as well, but it’s possible only if you prefer to walk on a proper road of internet.

Without leaving the dreemy ways behind, it’s difficult for you to discover the right ways to make money online.

It’s possible to make money without working hard but you know the techniques of making money passively with affiliate marketing.

On the other hand, there are some blog monitisation programs such as google adsense and media.net which can deliver a good amount of dollars to your account if you have a good site with decent amount of organic traffic.

Is it Easy to Make Money Online in 2018?

Well, now it’s the right time to jump into the actual question that despite of having all the possibilities including adsense, other monitisation programs and affiliate marketing, why is it so hard to make money online?

This is just because of your implementations for your aims.

In the modern world of internet marketing, you need to compete other competetors if you want to turn the shower of money towards your blog.

It’s important to learn the actual seo, use useful free seo tools and premium seo tools for the analysis of your blog and save your blog from negative seo attack which is a common thing if your competetors discovers you in your initial days of blogging.

Don’t even think for a small amount of money if your blog does not have potential to rank higher than other blogs who have already written and indexed by Google for the same keywords in which you are going to rank for.


Although we are discussing that why is it so hard to make money online in 2018 but it does not proves that there is no space in internet for new comer bloggers and they should go for something else.

You can still make money online if you are confident on your knowledge and if you are sure that you will compete your blog fellows.


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