Guest Posting

Guest posting is a shortcut way to submit your material on a blog which has already a great amount of traffic. You can submit a guest post if you know something but you don’t have enough time to start a new blog and take care all of it’s requirements.

At Blogging Doctor, you can submit your hard work for getting popularity in your niche. All is you need to request for an account, login to your dashboard and create a new post by following the menssioned guidelines below.

As you know that Blogging Doctor is a highly specific blog where you cannot write anything when it comes to topic or niche.

First of all, you need to browse some categories, read older posts written by senior authors and understand the blog topic.

Once it’s done, you are ready to post anything new on the blog, one of the Senior administrator will review your post and your post will be immidiately published if it contains all the material you are talking about.

Guidelines for Guest Posting

Please note that you cannot post anything by coppying from another blog, quality is our first priority, therefore, you need to make sure that every piece of content is unique and new on the internet.

Guest posts usually published after checking their validity, uniqueness and quality with some effective tools and sources, therefore, it’s impossible for anyone to cheat by following any trick.

If you want to write for us, you need to understand that short contents are not able to rank well on the search engines therefore, you need to make sure that the content you are submiting is seficiently discussed, furnished and researched using some tools.

The minimum length of content is 1000 words and it should be started with a strong and convincing paragraph and end with a conclusion if possible.

Please make sure that you are not made your post complex by doing unnecessary formatting, try to use headings tags wisely and avoid to write step numbers in heading tags, you can use bold instead.

contact on if you need an account for guest posting.