Grammarly Review: Forget grammar mistakes and write unique content


It does not matter if you are a native English speaker or non-English speaker, You always need a tool to correct your English errors such as grammar mistakes, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

On the other hand, if you are a university teacher or a student, you might need a tool which can aware you about the content validity by detecting plagiarism.

Not only teachers or students, but bloggers also need to correct their mistakes and detect plagiarism so there website can remain safe from penalties.

Teachers need to check their student’s work for cheating and students need a tool to remove plagiarism from their presentations and assignments.

It seems you need a proper assistant which can correct your spelling mistakes, provide you grammar assistant and check the content uniqueness by comparing your content to all the visible pages over the internet.

Don’t waste your time by finding low quality products for a single task, If you are facing the situation as menssion above then I’m assuring you that you have found an ultimate solution to get rid from useless tools.

Grammarly Free online grammar checker: a single tool allows you to detect plagiarism, correct spelling mistakes and solve grammar errors from even a large document.

Grammarly features

Grammarly checks 400 types of errors including spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, punctuation errors and plagiarism from your content.

It provide you opportunity to clean your document from menssioned mistakes and makes your writing professional and perfect for even writing an EBook

It does not matter if you are writing your content on Facebook, twitter, email, blog or Microsoft Word, Grammarly assist you everywhere and anytime.

It has a special extension for your browsers such as Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and safari, on the other hand, Grammarly provides you a tool which will work with your Desktop Microsoft Word.

Having millions of satisfied users and customers, Grammarly has achieved the audience trust and they are tirelessly working to add more feature to enhance their product for providing you a perfectly written content.

It’s free version is enough to capture your intention and you will be impressed by it’s accurateness, suggestions and correctness.

Grammarly provides you multiple types of registration, if you are planning to check it’s features and accurateness then you can sign up for free from the link provided above, Once you believe that it’s worthy to spend your money then you can switch over a payed plan.

You can check any content for errors by opening the grammarly website and pasting your text in field below.

Who should use grammarly?

A teacher, student, content writer, marketer and blogger should use Grammarly because it offers a lot of features that are beneficial for typist and checkers.

For teachers and bloggers, it provides an ultimate tool to check plagiarism from content so your students or employees cannot take marks or payment by just cheating you.

For writers it provides opportunity to deliver a perfectly written, professional and clean document to your partner companies so your work cannot be challenged or returned for corrections.

You can write Applications, letters, essays, theses and agreements to achieve your academic goals.

Grammarly free trial

So what you can do with your documents without having to purchase a premium account of grammarly?

free version of grammarly allows you to use it’s browser extensions for Chrome, safari and Mozilla Firefox to see grammarly in action.

By installing a browser extention, you can proofread your email, Facebook posts, blog posts, online forms, tweets and other web writing without paying anything.

Premium version

Grammarly premium version allows you to check 400 types of errors and enhance your vocabulary writing style and makes you able to deliver a professional look to your employer.

You can download Microsoft word Add-on of grammarly which allows you to write your documents without opening a web browser or going online.


Grammarly is an ultimate tool to proofread your text, detect plagiarism, enhance your grammar and remove spelling mistakes from your online and offline documents.

it offers free plagiarism checker for students which is a highly beneficial tool to make their assignments clean and unique for getting maximum result

A serious blogger should use grammarly to insure the quality of their blog posts and pages.

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