How To Understand Google Search Analytics Report


The concept of google search analytics is not new for bloggers, but some newbi find this difficult to understand google search analytics report.
therefore it’s important to understand that what is analytics, and how it works.

genraly search analytics provide you an overview about the appearance of your site in google search, but there is alot to understand that what information you can get from the google search analytics report.

An Overview to Google Search Analytics analysis

when you login to your google search console dashboard, you see all of your verified properties.

in order to see the search analytics analysis for a spicific website, you need to click on the required website name.

after that, click on the “search traffic” and finally on “search analytics.

there you will see that analytics screen will be appeared with different types of informations.

first of it shows a selection area where you can choose which information you want to analyse.

you can check or uncheck the following check boxes:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • CTR
  • Position

after that, it allows you to select a filter for your search type.
you can choose to get information of following types:

  • Queries
  • Pages
  • Countries
  • Devices
  • Search type
  • Dates

after the selection from above form. you will be provided a chart of your site traffic

How to read google search analytics report

first of all, a table will display the everage report for your website. it will be containing 5 columns and number of rows will depend on your selection, you can select the dates according to your need

  • the first column will display date
  • the second column will display clicks
  • the 3rd column will display impressions
  • the 4th column will display CTR
  • the 5th column will display position

after watching the everage traffic report for your website, you can see the more details in second table.

this table will provide you individual report for each query, you can get report of following:

  • keywords
  • clicks
  • impressions
  • ctr
  • position

note: if a keyword have multiple clicks and impressions, then CTR and position will be displayed everage for that keyword.

how do you analyse and read the google search analytics report for your blog? let me know in comments.


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