5 Ways To Get Sitelinks In Google


have you just watched a site with some important links under the google search and you are trying to get sitelinks in google for your blog as well? read this step by step guide to learn the method to build sitelinks for your website.

as we already have discussed about the importance of sitelinks in our recent post what are sitelinks in google search. so today we will be discovering the ways to get sitelinks in google for your blog or website.

worth note:
before we touch the details of making sitelinks, it’s important to acknowledge the reality that there is no direct way of building sitelinks for your website.

all is you have to follow best practices, and google will decide what links should appear under the homepage of your site.

below I have compiled a detailed list of things that you should follow if you are seriously concerned about the building sitelinks for your site.

since google don’t recommend to talk much on this feature, therefore I cannot give you assurance that you will be succeed or not. all is I have to say that try your level best, and wait for Google’s appreciation.

Tips To Get Sitelinks In Google Search

these are some hand picked tips which can increase your chances to build sitelinks in google fast than ever.

Content Optimization.

one of the very basic way to make google able to understand your content properly.

make sure you are following on page seo techniques while writing a new page on your website. try to use seo optimized titles and permalinks

your content optimization plays an important role while building the sitelinks for your website.

submit XML sitemap to google.

just submitting your blog to google search console is not fully helpful.

having xml sitemap in google is much important if you want google to crawl your site ifficiently, a better crawling always leads you to get better ranking and other benefits from search engine features.

google will read your website’s sitemap and make decision about the important pages of your blog.

if your pages are highly informative, google will put them just under the homepage of your site.

improve user experience.

it’s important to have a blog with friendly user interface.
if your blog provides a way to navigate easily, your chances of getting sitelinks will be increased.

google love those sites who have a clean layout, easy to load and less bad user experience.

always put widgets wisely.
having limited sidebars makes your blog able to load faster. so make sure there is no extra widget is displaying.


make a habit to interlink blog posts regularly,

interlinking not improves only the user experience, but it’s also helpful to increase domain authority, when your domain authority will grow up, you will observe that google will start giving you more importance than before.

have you any other recommendations to get sitelinks in google for a new blog? please share your thoughts in comments.


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