5 Practical Ways to Get More Comments On your Blog


Getting comments on your blog post is not an easy thing, there are many blogs which are receiving thousands of comments every day but this is a common problem of new bloggers to receive a good number of comments on their blog. Today we will be discussing the unique ways to get more comments easily.

Remember, there is no magic but these are many techniques that you can follow on your blog to get a wonderful response from your visitors.

I’m not going to share any random tip to you because I believe on practicality.

There are many blog posts available in Google search results telling you how to get comments on your blog using some artificial ways but remember, I always say that there is no shortcut in blogging which can return you the success without having to put real efforts.

So it’s better for you if you are willing to put real efforts and later you will surely getting the success which will not be temporary at all.

Why comments are important?

So this should be the first question that everyone can ask that why comments are even necessary for any blog?

Comments are something which are at least not returning you anything visibly but still every blogger cares, why is it?

Let me tell you the importance of blog comments by writing some practical examples below.

comments improve on page SEO.
Yes you heard it right, absolutely right. Have you ever seen the solution of your problem displaying in snippets of Google search results?

I’m sure everyone have seen this kind of results while searching anything on Google.

Let’s suppose you are searching about the price of a car and certainly you see the actual price of the car without opening any page displaying in SERPS.

But once you decide to open the page you realize that the whole article does not contain the price of car but it contains only the specifications and nothing else.

While navigating the page you reach the comments section of the article and you see that someone has written the price of the car against the question of any reader.

Why is it? Because if there is a car then surely it has price.

If the author of this blog forgot to write its price then it’s sure that someone will ask the question about the price of this car because if a person landed on the page it’s mean that they want to purchase it.

What does it shows? An author of the blog post forgot to write the query of visitors but there is a comments section where a visitor asked and another visitor responded accordingly.

Now someone has searched about the price of the car so Google has displayed your post because someone has responded to query in comments.

Comments are proof of the reality.
If someone is reading your blog post for the very first time then how he would be realized that your blog is an authoritative source to learn about a specific niche?.

These are the comments which will work like solid proof to tell a person that the blog you are reading right now is not only an authoritative source but it has a great number of visitors who spend their time on this blog to learn about a specific niche.

Once the new reader will read the comments on your post, he or she will surely save it somewhere on their favorite list.

Guess what? You got a new permanent visitor on your blog who will read your posts from now onwards.

There are many other things as well which can be write to prove the importance of comments but I think you have understood and now it’s the time to share the methods to increase the number of comments regularly.

How to get more comments?

These are some effective techniques you can use on your blog to get real comments from actual users.

Make it easy to leave a comment.
How do you allow your users to leave a comment on your website or blog?

Do you ask them to provide the maximum information about their selves before they can leave comments on your site?

I have seen many websites containing the hard challenges when it comes to leave a comment below the any post.

Captcha, math question, proof of human being and many things else prevents the visitors of the blog to leave a comment on a specific story.

Remember, comments are not something which can give anything to your users, this is you who going to receive the benefits from the comments of your visitors.

So it’s better if the comments section of your website is accessible easily for a common user who don’t know anything about technicalities.

Comments placement.
This is again an important thing that where you’re comments section is displayed.

Is it visible easily while reading any blog post?

If the comments section is not hidden then there are great chances for you to receive the comments from every reader.

Otherwise no one is interested to find your comments section just because he or she wants to give feedback about your post.

There are many widgets you can use with WordPress to enhance the comments section.

On the other hand, you can use some anchor links containing the text “leave a comment”, “join the discussion”, “share your views” in your post header to allow your visitors to reach the comments section very quickly.

Social logins.
Well, we understand that you had a very bad experience with useless comments from robots and spammers containing advertisements of useless products and services.

I have faced this kind of attack on my blog as well.

But remember, you have the opportunity to allow your visitors to login on your site with their social accounts including Facebook,, twitter, Gmail, discus and other social networks.

It’s very easy to set up the system of social logins so your visitors can safely submit the comments on their favorite blog posts.

With the use of social logins, you cannot only allow your visitors to submit comments easily, but you can reduce your pressure of comments approval as well.

Awards and rankings based on their activity.
Have you ever visited some online forums on your life?

This is the very common culture of online forums that they provide the awards and rankings based on the activity of users which encourage their visitors to contribute more on the forum.

You can turn the comments approval off when a specific user reach a specified number of comments on your website.

You can give the titles to your users based on their activities and contributions so they will feel comfortable while using your blog or website.

Regularly join the conversation.
Do not stop interacting with your visitors who are submitting comments on your blog posts.

Tried to reply on their comments so they can feel more convenient.

It does not matter what you are replying to your visitors on their comments.

Because sometimes your visitors can be attached emotionally to you, so a small reply from your side can make them happy more than your expectations.

Powerful email notification system.
Email notifications are very essential things for the success of your blog because nothing is complete without the completion of an email notification system for an online business.

If you are serious about the engagement of your visitors, you should hardly focus on email notifications and send all the updates directly in their inbox.

No one have time to regularly check the blog just because they have made it comments a few days ago.

This is their inbox which will nearly force them to revisit your blog by telling about the updates that you or someone else have made recently.



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