Best Guide to Get A Dofollow Link From Moz

The ultimate guide to get a powerful dofollow link from Moz


Every blogger aims to make high quality backlinks for achieving a good domain authority but big bloggers does not easily provide a link from their high authority blog.
Moz can be considered is a biggest source when it comes to make an extremely high quality backlink so i would cover the legal way to get a dofollow link from moz.

Moz does not provide dofollow backlink upon the first registration of an account, you have to work hard if you want to get a rel= dofollow tag on your few links.

Because getting a dofollow link from Moz is equal to 200 dofollow links from other blogs so it’s not a big deal if you have to spend a week in order to make a follow link at Moz.

Before you start

There are some recommendations to follow if you want to get a dofollow link from Moz.
First of all, you need to make a Moz account, secondly you have to wait for a week or you can work hard to decrease time limit.

Remember: Moz is highly concious about their outgoing links so don’t expect that you are going to learn a blackhat technique to make backlink on Moz blog.

All is you have to work hard, show your contribution and they will honour your contributions.

In the result of your pacience, they will remove rel= nofollow from your profile links.

Make a dofollow link on Moz

So here we go, Now i’m going to walk you through the complete legal procedure of creating a dofollow backlink on Moz.

It’s assumed that you have already registered an account, so follow the steps carefully as written below.

You need exactly 200 Moz points and original contributions are recommended. Don’t try to game the Moz blog because they moniter your activity.

If they ever find you following wrong practices then they will remove your moz points as well as they will ban your Moz account forever.

Upon the completion of this task, they will set rel= dofollow tag on your profile links and the first custom links will be dofollow too.

So now i’m going to share the method that you need to follow in order to earn 200 Moz points.

Complete your profile.

You can earn your first 20 links by completing your profile wich includes your name, company name, social accounts, blog URL, designation, your favorite SEO topics, Bio and profile picture.

Upon the completion of profile with exact information you are required to click submit button.

After submitting the required information, you will see 20 moz points in your community profile.

Leave comments.

This part is a little challenging and can be mark as difficult because you need to read their blog posts on uMoz and Moz blog.

After you read their posts, you are allowed to submit a comment on each post.

When you write a comment on someone’s post you earn a moz point.

This point is a result of that thumbs up sign that you automatically press upon the submition of your own comment.

If someone elce click thumb up on your comment then you earn a moz point too, but you need to leave a meaningful comment which can convince other visitors for clicking Thumbs up button.

You can learn the art of blog commenting by reading my guide where I have shared a list of best practices
Reply to other’s comments.

This part is more difficult because you need to think before you reply to other’s comments.

If you find a comment is valuable, you can click reply and type your own reply according to commenter’s views. Don’t be oversmart while replying because if you will submit a lot of comments just for the sake of getting moz points then there are possibilities that Moz will ban your account for spamming.


Upon the completion of 200 moz points, Moz will remove rel= nofollow from your profile links and if you have already added your blog in your profile it will become a dofollow link.

That’s all, you have earned a dofollow link from Moz.

You can clear your other confusions by asking me in comments below.


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