How to Generate New Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

Step by Step guide which aims to makes you able to write new blog posts when you don't know what to write about


It’s very easy to write first 50 posts on your blog because you had enough knowledge to share with your visitors, but once your blog grow up, sometimes you find that you have been lossed all the ideas to write about and there is nothing in your mind what you can share on your blog to drive more traffic.
This post is going to discuss some popular ways to get new Blog Post Ideas for Beginners which will allow bloggers like you to write something when you actually lossed all of your techniques.

Remember, these tips and techniques will help you only if you have potential to write, your knowledge is not expire but you don’t know what to write about.

If you don’t have knowledge but you know about the topics on you want to write about, then this post will not solve your problem.

Being a blogger myself, i believe that blogger never feel out of knowledge but they sometimes becomes unable to select the right topic to discuss with their visitors.

Generate New Blog Post Ideas that actually works

These are some unique ways to Generate New Blog Post Ideas for your own blog.

It does not matter in which niche you are blogging, it’s always important to find audience that matters.

Read Forums.

One of the very clever way to Generate New Blog Post Ideas is to read forums according to your blog topic.

There are many forums on the internet for different purposes, If you are running a blog with a popular niche, it’s almost impossible that there is no forum where people share their problems regarding your own blog niche.

Once you got the link and subscription to that forum, you should keep yourself connected to know what are users looking for.

Forums will help you a lot to discover thouzands of blog posts ideas for you.

One of the important benefit to use forums is that you can send the link to your own article on discussions once you provide a solution to their problem in your blog post.

This will lead traffic to your blog automatically and people will remember the name of your blog to find their next queries.

Communicate to your fans on social media.

If you are a popular blogger who has a good number of following on social media, then it’s extremely helpful for you to exchange your thoughts to your followers and make them feel special.

People feel very great when their ideal personality asks them for their opinion to promote their favorite blog according to their ideas.

You can create a post where you can ask them about the topics what they want to read about on your blog.

Once you create a post on your fan page, your chances to get unique ideas for your blog posts are higher and you will surely receive a lot of potential traffic without having to submit the link to your blog posts on a lot of places.

If you are fulfilling the needs of your visitors, it’s understood that your visitors will share your content on their own accounts to return you a great response.

By following this technique, you will not get only ideas for new blog posts but you will also get a lot of social shares for your content and your social media marketing will be increased with no hard work.

Create a page for article requesting.

Being a popular blogger in your blog niche, you can simply add a new page to your blog navigation which will allow your users to request a new article they need.

In order to add this great feature in your blog, you just need to create a page, add a contact form and that’s it.

You don’t need to advertise about this page anywhere and whenever a user read one of your blog post, he or she will surely see your navigation.

Now whenever they need a content that your blog does not contains currently, they will surely click that page and send you a request for creating a new article with a specific title and content they need.

With this feature in your blog, you will not only get a new idea to write about, but you will also serving your visitors in a better way and they will never leave your blog unless someone starts serving them in a more efficient way.

Use Google trends.

Google trends is one of the effective and important way to generate ideas for your new blog posts.

Whenever you perform a Google search, you may have seen search related to your keywords at the bottom of results.

Under the heading, Google shows some relevant topics for additional searches that you can perform with a single click.

Have you ever tried to find the actual place from where that keywords are coming?

They comes from Google trends, you can always open Google trends to find popular topics according to your niche and country.


Finding new ideas for blog posts is difficult but you can use above menssioned steps to keep your blog updated with fresh content.

Sometimes you get ideas by using above method but you may feel that this is somewhat irrelevant to your content and you cannot write about the topic as titles are suggesting.

If this is the case, you can slightly edit the gathered keywords but make sure that you have included keywords to rank your content in a better way.

Once you add keywords in gathered titles, it’s now possible for you to write as long as you can on the topic you have selected.

Remember: These methods can provide you endless ideas for writing new blog posts because whenever you feel empty minded, the whole world would be ready to recommend you something to write about.



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