Top 8 Free SEO Tools For Website Ranking Report


A higher website ranking always leads a business towards success, and without knowing the current Google ranking for your blog, you cannot follow the right SEO optimization to get maximum visitors.
This article contains a list of Best free SEO tools which allows you to check the current website ranking for your blog or business, and Some tools will help you to remove the harmful things from your blog so you can get a great amount of organic traffic.

Top free seo tools for bloggers

These hand-picked tools will help you if you are badly looking on how to check seo score for your blog and websites.

Open site Explorer.

Developed by Moz, Open site explorer allows you to check the domain authority of your website.

on the other hand, this seo tool allows you to check all the backlinks of your website or blog.

one of the down side of this plugin is that you can run only 10 requests in every 24 hours, once you reach the limit, it will ask you for the payed subscription where you will have an option to run unlimited queries.

but we have a solution to bypass this restriction, the next free seo tool is going to allow to run unlimited queries.


An ultimate tool to get a free seo ranking report
Small Seo Tools is a toolket of many free seo tools for website analysis which allows you to check some of the important aspects of your site, some popular features includes:

  • Domain authority checker
  • Backlinks checker
  • Article spinner
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Spell checker
  • Page authority checker
  • Google PR checker
  • Keyword Position checker
  • Google Cache checker

this tool does not cost you anything and you can run unlimited queries/requests for your blogs.


although the worth of Alexa is going to down soon, but it is still a tool which allows you to check the overall ranking of your website and provides you a free seo ranking raport according to an average traffic, alexa provide you different types of information such as global rank of your site, country specific rank and keywords those are currently sending visitors to your blog or website.

on the other hand, you can see the percentage of pageviews per visitors, bounce rate and many thing elce.


Hypestat allows you to see the number of unique visitors per day for your website or blog, alexa rank, domain authority, page authority, moz rank, and some other useful informations, upon first request, hypestat fetch your blog in their database and provide you these SEO factors.

the results will remain same until you will not click update button.

hypestat is a best SEO reporting tool because it’s a one stop solution to watch the overall seo of your website and highly recommended for newbies who are not willing to use a lot of SEO tools due to any problem.


SeoProfiler is a wonderful option if you want to get all the reports in your email.

it allows you to register your blog or website and once you register, SEOProfiler will start sending you emails of your weekly reports which will allows you to moniter the uptime, backlinks opertunities, the number of backlinks of this week and many more, you don’t need to open any external website because everything you receive in your email.

Blog topic generator.

developed by Hubspot, blog topic generator allows you to get ideas of your post titles, sometimes it becomes difficult to think about new titles of your posts, therefore you cannot write any detail if you don’t have a title for your article.

I would highly recommend you to try blog topic generator if you were having problems with finding new titles.

Free SEO auditor by Zadro web.

Everyone wants to audit their website without any cost because a payed tool like SEMrush cost much and students and hobby bloggers cannot afford it, therefore you should use the free seo auditor by Zadro Web.

This free seo auditor will provide you some great details about your website and blog including

  • Domain and page authority
  • Titles
  • Headings
  • Keywords
  • Meta descriptions
  • Links
  • Images
  • Load time
  • Google speed insites

The free seo auditor by zadro web provides you details about errors, warnings and successes and finally it provides you a final SEO score for your whole blog.

You can expand details about every section and it will guide you about the improvements that you can implement on your page to get more SEO benefits.


SEOquake is a wonderful extention which works with Chrome and Safari, it provide you a complete SEO audit of every web page you visit over the internet.

Whenever you open a webpage using your Chrome browser, SEOquake gathers all the on page and off page optimization for that specific page including
Alexa rank
Number of links in google
Number of links in bing
The age of page
Keyword density
Number of internal and external links for that page
SEOquake put a complete list of above mensioned things just below the current page and allows you to export results for future usage.


In order to improve your website rankings, you must need to audit your website with some strong google ranking tools because auditing provide you a comprehensive report about SEO optimization by checking all the pages, blog posts, links, images and other Search engines ranking factors.

You cannot implement a better SEO strategy without knowing your weaknesses. and There is no person in the world who can observe the totle number of mistakes from a largest blog.

If you are ignoring to use such SEO reporting tools then it’s time to invest your precious time for a precious work.
Have you any other techniques, tools or seo strategies to find the correct website rankings? please let me know in comments.



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