Comprehensive Guide to Find Your Niche in Blogging


How many times have you heard that SEO begins before you purchase a domain and web hosting for your new website? i’m sure you might have already heard about the blog or website niche, What is it exactly? why you need to actually find your niche for a blog?

In today’s world, where millions of blog posts have been written in every 24 hours, can you expect to start a successful blog with 50 different types of topics?

If you don’t have any previous experience in blogging, then you will surely say yes, i can cover 100 topics because i can write on politics, technology, fassion, home, kitchen, health and so on.

But if you have a little knowledge about today’s SEO, you would say no, i cannot cover many topics with high quality contents.

So that’s why starting a niche blog is important because you need to make your space in the world of blogging where millions of blogs are already working the same way you want to work on your website.

What is actually blog niche?

Just like the departments in our real life, there is a blog niche in the world of internet, Blog niche set a limit over your content that you cannot forget while writing a new content on your blog.

Let me compare the blog niche with our academics and then i will clearly make you aware about this important factor.

If you are a student, then you can only study about a specific subject in university.

It does not matter if you are studying english, maths, computer or anything elce, but your majour topic will be only one.

A student of law have to study english and other subjects, but his main focus always stick on LAW because he is going to become a lawyer or judge.

The same case comes in blogging, If you have a little knowledge about Technology, Science or fassion, it will boost your style of writing but you need to deliver blog posts on a specified topic.

Take a simple example, lets spos you are a blogger, you love to read blogs on SEO, wordpress, online earning and internet marketing. what would happen if your favorite blog would start sending you articles about games and software reviews?

Of cource you’ll be getting annoyed and you will start searching another good blog according to your interest, if you will entertain your subscribers with their favorite contents, they will never leave your site and may be they will promote you through their social profiles.

According to Google niche blog gets more ranking than nicheless blogs. when you will write on a specific topic, your chances of getting better ranking would always be hier because you will get famous for that spescific keyword.
honestly speaking i have never seen a nicheless website on first page of google search results.

Why you cannot blog about everything?

In today’s world, there is a huge compitition in the every field of life.

There are a lot of experts of everything that exists in world, and if you will try to beet all the world, you will soon have to give up because you cannot compete with a specialest of technology with the basic knowledge.

If not millions, there are at least thouzands of blog on every single topic, you could have extra ordernary knowledge but your knowledge is only limited  to a single topic.

Therefore, only stand where you are confident that it does not matter how many people are trying, you have something more than everyone.

Different types of blog niches

Before you decide about a website niche, you need to learn how many categories are available for choosing a blog niche and Also, This is going to explain some basic rules to find your niche if you are a bit confuse.

There are actually 4 types of blogs on the internet. all the blogs have their different priorities and topics.

  1. Sitewide niche
  2. Multi topic niche
  3. Micro niche
  4. Event based niche

Well, all the above menssioned blog niches have their different levels, requirements and results, Below i will share a deep introduction to every menssioned niche.

Sitewide niche

Sitewide niche, Also known as (Nicheless blogs) is one of the difficult type of blog niche because you don’t have to care about the topic, material or anything elce.

In sitewide blog niche, you only register a domain, install your blogging software, design it’s theme and start writing on your favorite things.

This kind of blogs does not care about the limits and share text, images, media files, political affairs, entertainment, news, academics and anything elce they want.

Starting a blog with sitewide niche is not a cup of tea, I must say that starting a sitewide niche blog is just a wastage of time unless you don’t have hundrads of employees who are going to write day and night.

I have already disclosed that millions of blog posts are being shared in every 24 hours, and most of them are coming from niche blogs who have somewhat domain authority and interested readers too.

You won’t be able to achieve your success in beeting all of your competitors from all the niches.

There are some big companies like BBC news, CNN, and wikipedia who have authority for sharing any kind of material, you cannot expect a satisfactory result if you are going to create a sitewide niche blog.

Above menssions names have niches as well, but they can rank their articles in any field.

Multi topic niche

Multi topic blog niche is come under the second and common type of niche where bloggers work in a specified area.

There are many multi topic niche blogs who are successfully making money and getting enough organic traffic due to their command on their blog post topics.

In multi topic niche, you have to work in a specific type of area, Below i have included some examples that will explain you that how you can categorize your blog post topics in multi level niche blogs.

  1. Blogging
    Under the blogging niche, you can write on copywriting, blogging platforms, SEO and building authority.
  2. Making money online
    Under this blog niche, you can talk about affiliate marketing, advertisements, direct offering services and relevant things.
  3. Health
    You can share something about weight loss, quit smoking, benefits of exersize etc.

You cannot write a review of an iPhone where you share articles on blogging, on the other hand, you cannot share a news on current affairs where you teach make money online.
Multi topic niche is opened to share contents about relevant topics but you should not confuse it with multi niche blogs.

This is a popular type of blog niche because many bloggers are covering relevant topics in a single niche.

Once you start a multi topic niche blog, you will observe traffic in next a few days from the date of your first blog post.

This is recommended for a blogger who have a great knowledge and able to engage with blog for writing articles quickly.


Microniche blog can be consider as a wonderful traffic provider blog which receives a great amount of organic visits and High CTR too.

If you are planning to build a trustful appearance on search engines, you should go for a microniche blog because it will rank quickly on search engines and there are possibilities that you will build a name in a short period of time.

If you are looking for a website niche to create a company’s website, you are exactly recommended to start a microniche website.

Microniche websites does not cross their strong limits while publishing a new content.

If you have a good commands on mobile phones niche, then iPhone would be it’s microniche.

Instead of covering multiple phones on your blog, if you will cover only iPhone then you will achieve success in no time.

The reason behind the high rank of microniche blogs is simple, There would be many competitors if you will go for a mobile phones niche, but if you will narrow your blog topic to only iPhone then you will receive a good authority.

Since Google love authoritative blogs, so it will show your pages in first pages of SERPs.

Microniche websites can make more money because once a visitor come in your website, he will see pages only relevant to their interest and leads would turn into sales.

Event based niche

Event based niches are easy to promote because you don’t have to engage yourself all the time with blogging.

Event based niche blog does not make money everyday because this is something seasonal.

If you are planning to create an Event based blog, you can promote some gifts on newyear, recommend products on black fridays and religious events.

But when there is no event, your blog would turn in sleeping mode 🙂

Making an event based blog is good if you are a passionate blogger who prefer to write a blog in free time and don’t want to commit on a deep level.

How to find the right niche for your blog

There is no solid and official method to choos a right Niche for blog because it relies on your skills.
So follow some guidelines which i used personally in order to find a right Niche for my own blog.

Think on which topic you can write unlimited articles.
If you have a strong interest in photography, then you should have obility to write an article on only one dialogue box of a software like Adobe Photoshop.

Take a paper, note down some of your skills and try to write an article on each interested topic.

When you finished writing, check the quality of articles

You will see that all articles are not well written, you’ll surely like only 2 or 3 articles because of their quality and containing information.

After that, you’ll become able to decide about your blog niche because you’ll surely like to write on the topic which can impress your visitors. writing with limited knowledge will represent you a boring author on the front of your visitors.

check the worth of Niche

Well, you finished analysis of topics, now you have selected a right Niche for your blog, but before you start writing its important to check the worth of topic which you have selected after writing many articles.

Are you sure that people will show interest in your blog topic? do people need assistance about this topic?
You can search on google about your blog topic, if google has alot of relevant results, make sure you are going to write better than others.

If google contains only afew relevant results, you should think that why google don’t have a lot of results?

Google shows afew results in 2 conditions

  1. When a Topic is Difficult
    Google will show limited results when a topic is extremely difficult and there are  a few authors who are writing on this topic
  2. When a topic is outdated
    Google will not show results if since a long time, that topic is not active and people have found another alternate

As we all know that these days noone is interested in listening compact cassette because mobile phone, computer and DVD players has taken place of a compact cassette.

If you are asure that your selected topic has enough worth, then go for it otherwise later you’ll feel regret.



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