5 Free Tools to Find LSI Keywords For Blog Posts

Free recommended Tools to find LSI keywords for a blog post


So you want to show your blog on google for all the phrases related to blog niche?
This post will help you to find LSI keywords for all of your blogs , improve your chances to beet blog competitors and rank higher in searches.

As I have already disclosed that what are LSI keywords in seo so here we won’t discuss the same, this article will only cover the ways to find LSI keywords using some free latent semantic indexing tools.

if you are not aware about this important part of SEO, I would recommend you to read my article and understand what are semantic keywords and why should you use them while writing your blog posts.

These days, every wise blogger is taking the benefit by using latent semantic indexing keywords to beet their competitors.

Once you understand it’s importance, you will surely like to improve your search rankings by implementing them on your own blog.

5 Tools to generate LSI keywords

Without wasting your time, here i’m presenting the top 5 free LSI keyword tools which will help you to generate unlimited semantic keywords for your blog posts.

All the tools have been tested and work well for any kind of blog, so you don’t need to worry about their functionality.

Google auto suggest.

One of the very basic and easy to use tool is google auto suggest, whenever you start searching on google, google shows you a list of keywords related to your query.

sometimes you ignore that keywords and you complete your own phrase, but it’s an important feature of google that you can use on your blog to capture more visitors.

Before you start writing your article, go to the google and type your majour keyword, copy all the suggestions on notepad and use them while writing a post on your blog.

LSI Graph.

LSI Graph is a free related keywords finder which allows you to easily generate latent semantic indexing keywords in just a minute.

You just need to open the website, type a keyword, solve a human verification and click generate keywords.

you will see a list of semantic keywords that you can copy and use it while writing blog posts.

This tool is also useful for even newbies because it does not require a technical mind to find LSI keywords.

Ultimate keyword hunter.

Ultimate keyword hunter is a standalone application that you install in your computer and then you don’t need to open it’s website.

whenever you like to find LSI keywords, you just need to open it from your desktop and type your query, it will generate relevant keywords and then allows you to optimize your post for best results.

Niche Laboratory.

Niche Laboratory
offers top ranking website, keywords suggestion, page title, meta description, meta keyword and competition matrix.

This is most helpful tools to find best matches and get an idea about a competitor traffic driven keywords.

Keyword tool.

Keyword tool allows you to find keywords that people are typing in google search.

You can find upto 750 keywords with a single search.

It’s a best alternative to google search which easily provide you a big list of LSI keywords without sign up or registration.


Using LSI keywords is an important part of on page SEO which cannot be ignore by a serious and professional blogger who want to improve their blog traffic.

On the other hand, it maximize your chances to avoid spam

Now it’s your turn, which tool you prefer to find LSI keywords? please add your suggestions in comments.



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