How To Find Free Keywords For Your Blog Posts


at the initial stage of blogging, no one wants to spent a huge amount on the keyword research, everyone try to find free keywords for their blog because they want to test that what benefit they can get from blogging.

after they start some earning, then they decide to look for some payed options.

there is no second thought that payed options can provide more benefit than a free service, but using a free service can save you from spending your resources if you later choose to quit blogging.

according to my own observation, only 5 percent people can wait for a long time with the positive expectation from their blogs, other 95 percent choose to quit blogging in there first year of journey.

a proper keyword research can put you in the list of 5 percent who decide to stay calm, and those people are actually getting a lot of visitors, respect, followers and money as well.

this guide is an ultimate solution to do keyword research for beginners.

did you ever try to think why your Competitor’s blog always rank on the first page of search engins? i’m sure you would always think about this fact, they rank because they follow the on page seo techniques properly.

if you know what are keywords in seo, you could take their ranking by writing more quality contents than their blogs.

How to Find Free Keywords

there are many ways to find keywords for your blog, but I would explain some of them in detail.

i have written the methods that i follow on my own blog, and additionally i’ve imbed a video which will explain some more methods for free keyword research.


if you don’t want to watch video, you can follow some of my personal methods below which i have tested with my own blog.

a complete guide on keyword research for beginners

Use google auto suggest

one of the very basic method is that you can use the google search box to Find Free Keywords for your blog posts.

open google’s website, write some words about the topic you want to write and scroll down for relevant popular keywords.

you will see google will provide you some popular keywords that will be closed to your own keyword. instead of using your own query as your blog title, try to use that query as your blog keyword.


use alexa

if you ever try to watch the alexa ranking for your competitor, you might have noticed that alexa provide some top keywords that sends traffic to their domain.

by following that keywords for your own posts, you can bring their traffic to your own blog, if they are ranking for a specific keyword, it means that keyword is much popular in your niche.

in order to find the alexa ranking for your competitor’s blog, you just need to open alexa, type the URL of their blog and click search.

under the top keywords, they will provide you some popular keywords.


use a free tool

one of the very effective way is to use a free tool called this keyword planner can provide you upto 750+ free popular keywords without any caust.

this keyword planner not provides you only keywords, but this provide you some top questions for your keywords. lastly, this can provide you negative keywords as well.

you just need to open the website of keyword tool, write a word in search box, choose a country in which you want to rank. and click search button.

it will provide you some top and unique keywords in table below.

google keyword planner.
mostly people use the google keyword planner for the keyword research of their blog contents, but i have never tested this for my own blog.

it’s easy to do keyword research for your blog with the use of google keyword planner. all is you need to open the website of google keyword planner.
type your keyword in search box and click search, it will show you some popular keywords along with their search volume.

have you any other method to Find Free Keywords for your blog? please share your own method in comments below.


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