Why They Share Fake Blog Income Report


sharing your blog income report is a wonderful idea if you really want to capture the hearts of your visitors.

your earning reports can inspire your visitors more than ever because if you are earning something from your blog, it’s mean you are at least a successful blogger and better than your visitors as well.

no one wants to read articles from a blog which haven’t a great history, and once they will find you a successful person, they surely might want to learn everything from you.

sometimes it’s hard to earn even a single daler from your blog because whatever you are doing, that has already done many times over the web.

you will get the visitors only if you are doing better than everyone, and honestly it’s hard to do.

on the other hand, some positive people say that if it would hard, then why there are uncountable blogs for a single topic? it’s all about hope, isn’t it?

Why People share fake blog income report?

if you have read my above statement with deep intention, you may have already learnt that what could be purpose behind sharing the fake income reports.

but if you are still looking for an answer, below I have written my own observation.

they share fake earning reports because by doing this, they tell their visitors that we are successful bloggers.

they actually wrongly try to capture the intention of their loyalty visitors.

some innocent newbiesstart believing their reports, and they get them as their long time followers.

once someone starts believing a blogger, it becomes difficult for them to accept the false of their leader.

and as we all know that blogging is all about getting a lot of visitors, so sharing the fake income reports give them at least some blind followers.

what is your observation? according to your experience, why they share fake blog income report? let me know in comments


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