How to Explain That You Are a Blogger to Your Relatives Or Family

Best ways to explain that you are a blogger and how bloggers make money from their online work.


If you are a pro blogger who is blogging for money then you might be facing difficulty to explain your source of income to your relatives, friends and family.
This article will make you able to explain that you are a blogger through some strong answers and explanations.

Bloggers are creative people and they spend their a lot of precious time while building, writing and maintaining their blog.

most of them prefer to start a money making blog so they have to quit sports, games, sleeping and all the entertainment in their initial stage of blogging.

But when they reach the stage to make money from their blog, they often face difficulty to explain that they are blogger and how bloggers make money .

Common problems of bloggers

Although everyone have to show their business to build their trust, but in Asia there are less educated people so Asian bloggers face this problem more than any other part of the world.

If someone quits his job to give more time to his blog then he have to face many difficulties in order to convince their parents, children and spouses because they don’t know that what is a blog, how it works and most importantly, they cannot believe that internet can allow them to manage their finance.

If someone is single and looking for a spouse to marry then he or she has to face irritating questions about their earning.

On the other hand, some less educated people consider a rich man as a fraud if he have nothing to show about his business.

If i speak about myself, i belong to an educated but middle class family, i have enough confidence to explain about my source of income, but my family believes that our son cannot be a part of any illegal activity.

Questions i faced

Often i face number of questions from different types of people, and i prefer to respond in the language that can be understood by the person whom i talk.

Some of them are educated and some uneducated, so i have to explain blogging through different types of answers.

Because blogging is not a common business, so it shouldn’t be wonderful for you if an educated person asks you to explain blogging and how it’s possible to make money from a website.

A few days before, one of my colleague was sitting on my desk and i was typing something about my blog.

He asked me to stop writing blog and asked about the nature of my work, i simply told him about my blog, but he requested to explain what a blog is, and what does a blogger do because he didn’t knew anything about this.

Then i told that blogging is an online business which returns me a reasonable amount of extra money.
I’m among those people who are providing contents to google for showing in their search results.

As you are a regular user of google, so it should be clear that google provides millions of result for a single query.

But you know? there are millions of writers including me who spend their precious time in writing something beneficial for the people like you and without such writers, Google cannot provide you answers to your every question.

Don’t be afraid because bloggers are creative people

Instead of feeling guilty, you should feel proud and lucky that (God) has gifted you a strong and highly creative mind so you can write on your topic and make money from your home.

Nothing can provide you a good income if you never work hard, so remain satisfied because you build a trust, you build a name which is enough to return you money.

If you are a smart man then you can easily explain that you are a blogger and you don’t use any illegal way to make money.

There are a lot of bloggers who left their permanent jobs for full time blogging and they are making more money than a government job.
But i recommend you to think twice before you quit a job just for the sake of blogging because a lot of people fails to make money from their blog.

Smart methods to Explain that you are a blogger

Whenever you asked to explain about your blog or business, you should wisely explain by including the answers of some basic questions like What is a blog, blog definition, what is a blog used for and how do bloggers make money from blogging.

Instead of putting yourself in confusions, always remain prepared for such questions and make a lecture which best describes about your blog and source of income.

For Advertisers

Being a blogger, you already know that google adsense program is a best way to make money from your blog through advertisements but you have to explain to a stranger.

If you running advertisements on your blog to make money, then tell them that you provide a space, area or place to some popular companies to show their banners on your site.

Just like a popular newspaper, my site provide an opportunity to some companies to advertise about their new products, promotions and offers according to the interests of my readers.

I charge money for every single view and impression from that companies because my website provide them a chance to sell, promote and viewed their products by maximum people.

Because i have a lot of viewers and readers, so i make a lot of money from all the companies who are working with me.

Tell them that sometimes you refer a single visitor to many companies so a single visitor can return you a great amount of money from 3 or 5 companies.

For Affiliates

Affiliate marketing can return you a great amount of money if you properly promote affiliate links.

If your primary source of income is affiliate marketing then tell them that you write descriptions of products where you share your experiences, advantages and disadvantages of any product and the owners of that products pays a commission whenever they get a visitor through your blog.

The owners of that products are interested to get more customers and they use you as their agent.

Whenever you convince and refer a customer towards a product, the company does not ignore your hard-work and in order to appreciate your help to grow their business, they provide you commissions upon each customer.

Tell them that you have signed a contract with that companies so they cannot stop your commissions.

also, explain that you have a strong and automatic system installed in your website which tells you every time a visitor purchased something from your recommended products.

You can tell them an average number of products that your blog is selling and how many commission you are getting from each product.

Finally, explain that you have a list of highly profitable affiliate programs who pays high commissions which are enough to manage your finance.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to explain about blogging and bloggers, but a successful blogger not only blogs but he face number of questions on regular basis so he or she can easily defend their source of income by providing a comprehensive overview in the language that is understandable for the person to whom they talk.

If you have much information about your blog niche then noone can make you speachless because you will have thouzands of ways to justify your income.

Sometimes people smile at me because i tell them that i make a lot of money from my blog but they don’t believe on this.
Actually a less educated person believes that in order to earn something, we have to physically work otherwise there is no way to make money.

A person with little knowledge of internet thinks that Internet has a lot of scam with the name of online earning because some fake companies ask people to provide an account fees and then companies offers captcha solving jobs but at the end, you get nothing.

Only you know that you are a blogger and you can make money with smart methods.

Avoid such explanations

Don’t tell anyone that you are working with google just because of ignoring further questioning because if you will do this, you can badly face a lot of criticism.

Google is not our approach, we are blogger and we always run behind the google to crawl our site ifficiently 🙂

even if you implement adsense on your blog but this does not mean that you work with Google.
You only receive benefit from a program designed by Google.

Have you any other explanation to explain that you are a blogger? add your method in comments below.


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