Top 5 Ways To Earn Money From Facebook Page


often people talks about the earning money from social networks like facebook, but what is the exact method to earn money from facebook page?

these days, when everyone has a facebook account, so why not to use your time in creative activities instead of waisting it with silly chat?

today we will discuss about a new method which makes you able to earn some dalers from your facebook page.

How To Earn From Facebook?

making money from your facebook page is a little tricky, but with some hardwork you can achieve that stage where you’ll become able to earn money from facebook page.

there are many tricks to earn from facebook, but before you can get benefit from these, you have to create a page on facebook.

once you have created a page, you need some likes to show your posts.

5 Tips To Earn Money From Facebook Page

these are 5 methods that you can follow to start generating some dalers from your facebook.

Write reviews.

one of the very basic method to earn from facebook is that offer payed reviews on your page.

if your page have a large number of likes, people would love to pay you a small amount for the advertisement of their products on your page.

Sell products.

you can sell some products according to your niche on your page.

if your followers have trust on your page, they will surely buy them.

remember! don’t be a cheater, if you will try to sell a product which has a worst level of quality, then your followers will never bother to believe on your recommendations for the second time.

Provide coupon codes.

there are many sites over the internet who provide a coupon codes which you can use to get some discount on each purchase.

try to get coupon codes for the products that are relevant to your page niche, and ask your followers to buy that product by using your coupon code.

they will surely love to buy that product on special discount.

Sell facebook likes.

some admins who have some popular pages are making a good amount by selling facebook likes for new pages on facebook.

you just need to write a review for a page, and add a link to that page, the owner of page will pay you some dalers for this promotion.

Write Payed posts on different pages.

this method is recommended if you have exceptional writing skills.

you can write contents for other’s page and ask them for a small payment.

they will love to pay you for your hardwork.

what method you follow to earn money from facebook page? let me know in comments.


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