Why Your Website Got A Huge Drop In Domain Authority?

Dropped Domain Authority.

It’s really painful situation if you recently looked over your Moz OSE report which told you about the huge drop in domain authority for your website or blog.

Building an high domain authority requires developers to quit their sleepings, and losing our website DA is really a discouragement for any professional blogger.

Machines never lie, yes we know that fact that there is everything is running behind the system and there is noone who drops our DA manually, but punishments should have description of our mistakes, right?

So today i’m going to share my experience about a different thing, it does not contain ways to increase your domain authority but this is something that you stop doing if you don’t want to see a huge drop in domain authority.

There are many websites who lose their DA after every Moz ose update, and some websites are getting improvements too.

Make sure you are not going to join the blogs who are the victom of next Moz DA update.

Why would domain authority drop?

Yes, this is the actual question that despite of making more links, why my domain authority dropped?
Everyone recommends and tell us that more links leads our website towards a good domain authority, but you need to find all the possibilities to get your name in the list of successful blogs.

These are some common reasons which could harm your DA instead of providing improvements.

http to https.

Yes, you may have heard that https have more power to rank well in SERPs and Google has officially announced that they prefer https over http, but it can be cause of drop in domain authority.

If you observe that your domain authority dropped after you move your site from http to https then let me clear why this happend to your site.

If your site was previously running on http, then all of your backlinks would be coming to the same version too.

Noone link your site with https if you don’t use it because it can become a problem of broken links for their site.

Since now you have hide your previous version of your website from SERPs and you have redirected all of your links to http, so your backlinks are no longer helpful for https.

Try to build a new list of powerful backlinks and soon you will observe that your dropped domain authority is coming back.

A lot of spammy backlinks.

If you are believer of quantity and you don’t prefer quality then believe me your blog deserves this kind of treatment from Moz OSE.

I already have written about the disadvantages of backlink building softwares which are the biggest source for every newbie bloggers to build low quality or spammy links.

If you got a drop in domain authority due to spammy links, then you can use disavow spammy backlinks feature but it won’t be much helpful for domain authority.

disavowing can return your lossed rankings but according to Moz staf, they don’t have access to the system of Google search console disavow information, therefore they cannot consider this fact in their domain authority.

If disavowing did not helped you, it’s recommended that you should build some high quality links and your low quality links will lose their worth in next moz domain authority updates.

Important note: I read the comment by Moz staf that they don’t have access to Google disavow tool but my personal OSE report does not contains disavowed links.

I read last comment of 2012 so may be now there system is capable to detect disavowed links.

Internal nofollow links.

Some blog writers try to interlink like pro bloggers, but they don’t know the proper interlinking rules.

Proper interlinking provides you good results in your page authority,, but if you add a nofollow tag with all of your internal links then they can become a cause of penalties.

Remember, Nofollow links does not tell anything to robots, they are only useful for human visitors for providing easy navigation.
If you have set rel= nofollow to some of your internal links then it’s time to fix them by removing nofollow tag from all of those pages so they can provide SEO juice to each other.

Negative Seo atack.

This happens rare but there are risks in the every field of life.

Whatever business you choose, you have to save your business from your competitor’s wrong approaches.

No competitor will want your blog to compete their own business therefore they try to harm your blog with some wrong tricks and approaches.

If someone has run a negative SEO atack against your blog then you have only one option that keep the spamming links disavowing and try to find your enemies.

If you have access to the low quality site owners then ask them politely to remove all of your links from their sites.

If they are willing to cooperate then it’s good otherwise you can only take the help of disavowing.

Competitors trying hard.

Your blog might be get a big drop in domain authority if you forget to build more links for a couple of weeks.

If the last DA update gave you an authority of 35 and you think now it’s better to write some high quality articles instead of focusing more on the improvement of DA and PA (page authority) then you might be wrong here.

Your competitors always try to build more high quality links and when your blog have to get compare with their blogs then moz decreases your domain authority because you didn’t made any backlinks whereas your competitors are tirelessly building links for their blogs.

Suppose if Wikipedia achieved a score of 100 in domain authority then their links would be too much than others.

Others can only achieve 100/100 in domain authority if they try hard to build links equal to wikipedia or the half numberr of double quality.



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