How To Disavow Bad Backlinks In Google And Bing

Why it's important to get rid from low quality, irrelevant, spammy or harmful backlinks and how to disavow them for your blog's safety.


Does your blog is losing it’s organic traffic due to lot of pressure of bad backlinks? Are you suffering from a negative SEO atack, or you are looking for a way to disavow backlinks to get rid from low quality spammy links.

This blog post will guide you to remove all the spammy backlinks by disavowing them from your google and bing webmaster tools, furthermore, i’m sharing some best practices to discover low quality links to disavow them without losing benefits.

Every hard working  blogger should take this matter extreme serious because this is the thing which is going to build the authority, moz trust and ranking for your own site.

This post has everything you need to know about disavowing bad backlinks from two popular search engines including google and bing.

Why you need to run a backlink cleanup

cleaning your website from irrelevant links is important if you don’t want to get Google confused about the categorization of your site.

If you don’t remove bad backlinks from your site then Google and bing will relate your website to that kind of website who links you most.

After Google have considered your website for wrong topics, then there is no option for your blog to rank higher for  proper keywords.

Since you have already lossed your blog appearance for right keywords due to a wrong categorization, and your blog also does not contain the information according to a wrong category, so there is only one option left that google makes your website down and down.

You need to disavow bad backlinks so google can reconsider your website and rank your blog posts in an accurate SERPs.

Disavowing or removing backlinks can help you to achieve your blog authority back if you recently got a loss in your domain authority.

How to find bad backlinks

These are some best recommended places to gather all of your backlinks because you cannot get your backlink report from a single source on the internet.

All the sources are beneficial and worthy and most importantly, nearly all the sources will allow you to get a free backlink report for your website.

After putting all the links together in a single file, you can discover and remove bad backlinks easily


First of all download the backlink report from your search console account.

Search console shows nearly all the domains and pages that have linked one of your blog post or homepage.

In order to download your backlink from search console. Login in to your account, then go to “links to your site” under index tab.

Under the Links to your site page, you will see a table that will show all the backlinks.


Open site explorer by moz can provide you a list of top 1000 backlinks in csv format.

In order to export your Backlink csv file from OSE you need to have a Moz account.

You can create your free moz account from this link which won’t requires you to add your credet card information.

You can always upgrade your account to premium if you want to do so.

After creating a Moz account, Open site explorer and type your domain address in URL field.

OSE will report you about your domain authority, page authority and backlinks.

Click request csv and Moz will automatically detect your email from your account.

OSE will tell you that you need to wait for sometimes to get your backlink report in your email.

It will take maximum one hour to make your backlink report and you will receive a downloadable link to the csv file in your inbox.


Alexa shows your backlinks in their site report page, though alexa cannot get all of your backlinks but you can have some popular baklink listed in alexa.

Open the website of alexa and type your website in search box, click find and navigate below to find total websites linking in alexa.

Copy links and paste them into your notepad.

After making an analysis of all the backlinks, you can filter and make a list to clean your bad backlinks properly.


You can get your Majestic backlink report if you have properly verified your website on Majestic.

First of all go to the Majestic website and type your website URL in box below.

Secondly click submit and you will be informed about the total number of links and domains that are linking to you.

Here you can click backlink tab to get more detail fror your blog or website.

Upon Clicking the backlink tab, you will be ask to update your account to see information.

Go for free sign up button and provide your name, email, website and password.
Remember: you can run only 2 queries once in every 24 hours, so don’t waste your chance by entering a wrong domain for testing.

Setting up Disavow file

Now it’s time to clean your bad backlinks from google and bing but you need to submit all the URLs in a single file.

Here are some best practices to develop a meaningful and clean disavow file so you can modify it later.

Domain level disavowing.

Some people think that noone should use domain level disavowing because you can clean your bad backlinks at once from that specified domain.

According to them, some links could be beneficial and you can kill your rankings unintentially.

I believe that domain level disavowing is good for controling a large number of spammy backlinks because if one link from that website is harmful then there is almost no chance to get another high quality backlink from the same domain.

If you want to remove bad backlinks from a specific domain then simply open notepad and type “” without quotation marks.

By adding above line to your text editor you can remove even thouzands of links from that domain with a single command.

Subdomain level disavowing.

Subdomains needs to be removed sepretly because Google and bing consider all the subdomains a separate website.

If you want to remove a stackoverflow subdomain that contains information about math and your topic is science, then you can simply remove it’s subdomain so you can get backlinks from other stackoverflow sites.

Type “” to your text editors and you will still receive backlinks from it’s other blogs and forums.

URLs Disavowing.

This method is recommended if you don’t want to disallow backlinks from whole domain and you only want to disavow some irrelevant links from your blog.

In order to remove a single link, simply type “” and that’s it.

Important Considerations.

These are some valuable considerations you need to remember while building a disavow file for your site. make sure you are following them to avoid little mistakes.

  1. One link per line
  2. # sign used for adding a comment or statement
  3. Google disavow file format must be TXT
  4. File must be written in plain text editor.
  5. Only one file
    If you are going to modify your file by adding more backlinks, don’t forget to add previously disavowed links because there is only one disavow file allowed.

Remove bad backlinks from search engines

Now since you have discovered low quality, spammy and irrelevant links, it’s time to disavow such backlinks from your google and bing so both top search engines can provide you an opportunity to get rid from penalties.

Remember, don’t go crazy and double check all of your backlinks manually because removing wrong links can immediately decrease your rankings and make your website’s authority down.

Remove bad backlinks from Google

In order to remove or disavow backlink from google search console, follow the steps as written below.

Go to the Disavow backlinks page from your search console dashboard, Choos your verified property and proceed more.

Keep in mind that in order to remove a bad backlink from google, you must have verified your website or blog with Google search console, otherwise you won’t be able to use disavowing.

After selecting a verified property, click “Disavow links” and you will be redirected to the mane page where you have to upload a text file.

On the new page, you have to click disavow link once more and then you will see a dialog box containing a file upload field.

Browse a disavow file from your computer and click submit button.

After the successful uploading, click done.

That’s it, you have submited your disavow file, now it’s up to Google that when it will start processing your disavowing.

Remove bad backlinks from Bing

Removing bad links from bing is somewhat difficult because it does not support a text file, You have to enter all the links manually which can take more time.

  1. Login to Bing webmaster tool
  2. Go to “Configure your site”
  3. Use dropdown menu to tell what are you going to disavow? Directory, Page or domain
  4. Enter URL and click disavow
  5. Wait for effect.


Disavowing a good practice to remove bad links from your website and getting your lossed search rankings back, but a word of risk always exists.

A wrong action can terminate your blog rankings in minutes and you can lose your blog income.

You can always reavow your backlink if you think that link was beneficial and was providing you a good authority.
In order to reavow any backlink from google, simply delete that link from your disavow file and reupload it.

Bing allows you to delete a single link manually by going to your disavow tool from bing web master tools.

Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks to provide a good result of your disavowing but sometimes it can take 3 months too.

It depends on the crawlability of the sites which are linking your site.

Whenever those websites will get recrawled by google and bing, they will set a hidden nofollow tag to your links.


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