What’s The Difference Between WordPress.org And WordPress.com


Though both are developed and designed by the same company, but there is a lot of difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com.

this post is going to explain all the differences between these two versions of wordpress so you can choose a correct one for your own blog.

at the very first stage of imagination, it seems that there would be no Difference Between WordPress.org And WordPress.com and only domain extentions are changed, but reality is completely opposite.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com

so what is the exact difference between these two platforms? read below to learn everything in detail.


wordpress.com is a free service, provided by wordpress officials which allows hobby bloggers to run their websites without paying anything to their web hosting company.

this free version of wordpress provide a complete blog where you can share your thoughts to the world without waiting for even a second.

all is you have to bear a name of wordpress on the very next to your chosen domain name.

in simple words, wordpress provides you a subdomain at wordpress.com along with pre installed WordPress as the content management system.

there are some limitations with wordpress which prevent you to do modifications and extend it according to your own needs..

No Custom Themes.

one of the big disadvantage is that you are not allowed to use custom theme while using a free domain at wordpress.com, you can modify the templates of default themes but there is no option to upload a theme from your computer or install from wordpress themes store.

No Custom plugins.

there is no option to use a custom plugin with a wordpress.com blog, which mean that there is no possibility for you to extend it according to your own needs.

no doubt wordpress can be used for a simple blog without installing even a single plugin, but you won’t be able to extend it’s functionality.


No Access To Your PHP Files.

you can edit some of the basic templates of your current themes, but access to other php files is impossible which mean you cannot make changes to the core files if needed.


wordpress.org is the completely self-hosted version which allows you to use your own custom domain for your blog or website.

below I have compiled a list of possibilityes.

Completely Self-hosted.

by using wordpress.org, you can run a blog on your custom domain and web hosting.

there is no one except you who will decide about the life of your blog, you can run your site as long as you wish.

you can upload the complete package to any web hosting by using FTP clients and in a few minutes, your blog will go live.

Completely Editable.

as I stated above that you have complete control over the files of your CMS, so you can edit them without any limitations.

you can add your own codes to add functionality according to your wish.


with wordpress.org, you can add any custom plugins and install themes to extend the functionality and design for your own site, there are alot of free themes available, and you can install a payed theme as well if you need a special appearance.


there is alot of Difference Between WordPress.org And WordPress.com and in a few words, i have describe all the main differences.

  • wordpress.com is a free platform which provides you a free blog along with web hosting and subdomain
  • wordpress.org is completely self-hosted which runs on your custom web hosting and domain
  • wordpress.com is limited
  • wordpress.org don’t have any limit and you can extend it by installing themes and plugins.

according to your experience, what’s the Difference Between WordPress.org And WordPress.com? let me know in comments.


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