How Much It Cost To Start a Blog With WordPress


Are you Thinking about an estimate cost to build a blog but don’t know the exact amount that you need to spent in order to get it running?
today we will cover that how much it can cost to start a blog with wordpress, the most popular and powerful content management system.

Things you need

first of all, we will discuss about the basic things that you need to start a blog.

you need the following if you want to start a self hosted blog that never makes you disappoint.

  • Top level domain
    without having a domain, it’s impossible to be found on the internet because if your blog is your home, then your domain is address of your house.
  • A Good Web hosting
    in order to save your files on the internet, you need a company which will provide you required storage space against a reasonable price.
  • A blog platform
    there are many blog platforms but you may like to install wordpress if you want a seo friendly blog platform.
  • extentions for special needs
    since wordpress already provides you a fully optimized blogging platform, so you don’t need to design it from beginning, but you can add plugins with wordpress if you want to extend your blog functionality.
    if you want to design a complex website along with a small blog, then drupal could be another option, read my review where I have explained everything about wordpress and drupal in detail
  • SEO options.
    everyone want to be found on search engins, therefore it’s important to have a lot of SEO features with your blog platform, fortunately yoast seo allows you to have full control over your site SEO.

well, these are some basic requirements to consider whenever you start a new blog.

now question is that how much it can cost to make a blog with all the menssioned things?

The costs of starting a blog

below i’m going to describe that how much it cost to start a blog with all the services and tools that menssioned above..

Domain Price.

there are many domain registrars who allows you to reserve a domain for your blog, but everyone has it’s own pricing. some web hosting allows you to register a free domain along with their hosting package.

though mostly you will be provided a free domain with web hosting but upon renewal, you have to pay the sepret fees for domain name as well.

it won’t cost you more than 15 dalers anually, however some domain registrars provide you a domain on cheap price like 7 daler/year.

so you can expect it 11 dalers/year if you are going to follow my recommendations.

Web Hosting.

there are many things to consider before choosing a web hosting, but for starting a wordpress blog, usually shared hosting works best because it does not cost you alot of amount and allows you to run a blog with almost no limitation.

i can write hundreds of words about different web hosting companies but you are recommended to go for bluehost because it’s a most reliable company who is providing it’s services to some big bloggers for almost 17 years.

on the other hand, bluehost provides you different types of packages and you can choose according to your finance.

since our requirement is a simple blog, so i will suggest you to go for bluehost shared hosting and purchase a basic plan for 3 years, the more you extend registration age, the more you get discount.

you can get a good web hosting in almost 8 daler/month, but if you want to choose another plan, here is complete price list of bluehost shared hosting as i have already told you that you don’t need to pay anything against domain registration, but once your first registration will be ended, you have to pay almost 11 dalers for domain.

note: the domain with following extentions can be purchased at 11 dalers. other may have their own rates.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org


Blog platform.

wordpress is highly recommended to start a blog because it has build in options that you need to run a successful blog.

one of the very wonderful thing is that you can install wordpress without any cost. it’s totally free and don’t requires a huge space to work.

bluehost allows you to install wordpress in just a few clicks, you don’t need to mess with database problems and defining tables manually.

all is you have to login to your CPanel and click install wordpress,
your wordpress site will be ready in 5 minuts.


in order to add a spicific type of functionality, you need to install a plugin in your wordpress site, there are almost every type of plugin which can provide you your required interface in almost 5 minuts.

and the most important thing is that almost 90 percent wordpress plugins have free versions for beginners.

usually you don’t need to pay for a plugin unless you really need an exceptional feature.

i think you won’t need to purchase even a single plugin at your initial stage of blogging.

SEO Features.

wordpress is a highly customisable cms which can be used for almost every purpose, and how can they forget SEO?

including Genesis, there are many wordpress themes which are highly customized for SEO but if you are not happy with the overall seo of your site, you can install yoast seo plugin with wordpress.

a basic version which don’t requires you to pay even a single daler is enough to manage the search engin optimization for your blog.

unless you don’t need some advance extentions for yoast, it don’t force you to switched on a payed membership.

according to this article, I hope it does not much cost to create a blog with wordpress, so isn’t a cool idea to start a blog with almost 100 dalers/year?

now it’s your tern, according to your estimate, how much it can cost to start a blog? share your thoughts in comments below.


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