How to choose a good domain name for your blog


As we all know that choosing a domain name for a company, business, brand, product or blog is a crucial thing.

In order to deliver the best impression on your visitors, you need to consider a meaningful domain name.

Today, we will discuss some important aspects that you need to consider before choosing a domain name.

Since there are hundreds of reasons to do and do not to do any specific task, but when it’s come to purchase a domain name for your blog, you exactly need to follow the guidelines as written below so you can get higher positioning on search engines.

How to Choose the best domain name?

These are some important things to remember while registering a domain from any domain registrar.

Make it a brand.
Since you are going to start a blog, so you need to present your blog as a brand.

Registration of a meaningless domain would not be a wise decision if you want to get a higher number of visitors on your blog.

Since you are starting a blog for a specific reason, so obviously you should have a unique name for your blog which will represent your contributions for a specific purpose on the Internet.

If you are registering a domain for your company, business or brand then you should use exact name of your business as the domain name of your website.

It will not only make sense but it will tell the people that a specific business or company has published their website for their customers.

Keep it pronounceable.
Pronunciation should be kept on the higher priority while purchasing any domain name for blog.

Remember, it’s not only the keyboard which will be used to open your website from the world.

In future, you will exactly need to attend the conferences, seminars and trainings where you will be asked to represent your website on the front of thousands of people.

It will be look professional only when you’re domain is pronounceable through words.

You won’t have much time to spell your domain on stage when thousands of people will be listening your speech.

I also feel regret about my domain name because I did not payed Much intention towards the pronunciation during the registration of

Make it short.
Always tried to keep your domain name short.

Tried to complete its name in a few letters so your visitors can easily type it on address bars in a shortest period of time.

No one have 2 or 3 minutes to type your domain name on their address bars because people want quick solutions of their problems or queries.

Let me share a short story with you so you can determine how you should choose a domain name for a new blog.

Once I thought that there should be a blog where people can get solutions to every problem without leaving a single website.

Since the solutions were in soft form so I gave it the name “Soft Beginners

The name “Soft Beginners” has many things if someone look in the deep meanings of this short name.

I did not give the name “soft solutions for beginning users” because I had to deliver my intention in minimum words.

So you should follow the same guidelines while purchasing a new domain for your website or blog.

If your domain name is short than a lot of people will remember it otherwise people have to write it somewhere which is not a good thing.

Consider .com.
Yes I know we are talking in 2018 about .com when hundreds of other extensions are available and millions of websites are running on these extensions.

But believe me .com extension has its own worth as compared to all other extensions available in the world.

If you are starting website of a network then it’s good to register with .net.

On the other hand, if you are starting website for nonprofit organization then you should go for .org.

But if you are starting your professional blog then nothing is good then .com.

.Com is good for SEO as well as its most popular among the newbie users of Internet.

Avoid trademark infringement.
Never try to copy the domain name of a popular website or company.

Remember, copying the domain name with even a small change can put you behind the walls by using legal action against you.

You can be fined or sent to jail for a specified period of time just because of using the name of a business or company.

On the other hand, people would not visit your website if you are using the name of a popular company because whenever a user type it on Google it will return another website instead of yours.


Choosing a domain name is not an easy thing because you have to put a lot of efforts for finding a good name.

But I’m sure you can reduce your pressure by following the above guidelines to choose a good and unique domain name for your website.

I tried my level best to make you able to purchase a good domain name but if you have any questions regarding this article you can ask me in comments below



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