How To Change Categories on multiple posts With WordPress


sometimes you need to move all of your blog posts to a new category but wordpress doesn’t allow you to do at once.
now you don’t need to worry anymore because i’m going to provide you a solution to change categories on multiple posts.

this post makes you able to add and remove categories from posts without having to edit every post one by one which mean that you are going to save a lot of your time with the use of this small plugin with your own blog..

lets spos you have 200 posts in your blog and they are attached to total of 10 categories.

but now you need to add a new category and assign it with each of your blog post.

by default you will edit each post, add your new category and then update it. but it will take a lot of time and hardwork too.

the method i’m going to share allows you to add or remove categories from all of your posts and update them at once. seems bulk modification? of cource! you are right.

How to add and remove categories?

in order to edit your wordpress categories in bulk mode, you just need to install and activate Mass set categories with your wordpress site.

read how to install wordpress plugins

this plugin will add a new link called “Mass Sett Categories” in your dashboard.

click the link and you will see all of your posts will be showing with all the categories.

here you just need to check and uncheck the checkbox for required categories which will be showing under the each post.

after you have marked all the categories according to your wish,. click submit button.

I hope this easy tutorial helped you in changing your wordpress categories.

have you any other method to change categories on multiple posts? please let me know in comments.


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