How To Build Connections With Professional Bloggers


In order to be a successful blogger, you must need to build connections with professional bloggers in your niche, without having such connections, you won’t be able to promote your content properly.

It’s a bitter truth that most of bloggers fails because they doesn’t follow the proper method to promote blog contents, they share their new posts on social media and then leave them on their luck. but It will not only lead you towards failior, it will surely destroy your contents.

These are some practical ways to make connections with professional bloggers so you may get menssioned your name on their blogs.

Once you get menssioned by a big blogger in your Niche, your blog will start rising soon.

5 Ways To Make Connection With Professional Bloggers

These 5 steps will surely improve your chances to reach some big bloggers for your benefits. make sure you are going to follow them with care and patience.

Before you implement these steps, keep in mind that you should avoid wrong practices to reach a professional blogger, otherwise you will get nothing in return.

Comment on their blogs.

First of all, you should read articles that are relevant to your topic and leave your thoughts in comments.
Blog commenting is a good way to increase domain authority as well as it can introduce your name to your ideal blogger in your niche.

Remember! it’s not an easy thing, so you must need to learn the art of blog commenting before you can save your comments from being spammed by akismet.

Always leave a meaningful comment instead of just making your presence sure because a blogger will surely take an action against you if you will leave unnecessary comments that doesn’t make sense.

Share their contents.

In order to get noticed by your favourite blogger in your niche, you should frequently share their contents by following them on their social media accounts.

Once you will regularly share the contents of your favourite bloggers, someday they will surely share your’s too.

It’s human psychology that no one can prevent their self to find more details about their followers and specially when someone is promoting their brand, they will surely show interest to know about you.

Send them greetings.

After reading some of their articles, make a reasonable analysis and send it with a greeting message.

Tell them about their ifficiency level and share a story that how you started reading their blog and when you became a regular follower of their blog.

Don’t try to tell their mistakes but tell their good sides to them because they will surely like to be appreciated by their readers and followers.

If you are convinced from their writing style, don’t be hesitate to accept while writing an email to them.

Ask them for an interview.

After you start getting some response from a professional blogger, you should politely ask them an interview.

Tell them that you want to publish their interview on your own blog because you believe that your favourite blogger is doing good in their niche.

It’s sometimes take time to convince a professional blogger for an interview, but if he or she will not be a proud personality, then you will surely get a positive response.

And if they are proud and don’t consider your requests, I will recommend you to leave them and go for another blogger.

Notify them about their name on your blog.

Once you share your thoughts about a blogger on your own blog, you should send the link to that article via email or social media.

Tell them that you wrote a story about them and I’m sure they will surely like to read your article.

Once they will like your contents, they will menssion your name on your blog.

What elce you would recommend to build connections with professional bloggers? let me know in comments. and if you like this post, please share it with your friends as well.



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