Top 5 Ways to Build Backlinks For Your Blog


building backlinks one of the very hard but effective way to improve the ranking of your blog or website.
in this article, we will discuss about some original methods to build backlinks for your own brand.

as we already have discussed that why backlinks are important, so we won’t repeat this again in this article.

there are many ways to build backlinks for your blog, but unfortunately there is no easy button at all.

if someone offers you some backlinks against of any amount, I would suggest you to don’t believe on them.

there are many scammers who promises to provide high quality links for your blog, but they will actually harm you by doing spam on your behalf.

building backlinks takes a lot of time and hardwork, but once you get a large number of backlinks, you would enjoy the exceptional ranking on search engins.

How To Build Backlinks For Blog?

building backlinks for a new blog is not a cup of tea, you have to quit sleeping, quit parties and reserve your meetings with your friends.

this is why because instead of wasting your time in funny moments, you have to solve the queries on the internet.

without going to the blogs of other’s, it’s impossible to get a backlink from their website.

Top 5 Ways To Earn Backlinks For Your Blog

these are top 5 ways to earn original and high quality backlinks for your new blog.

instead of following 1 method, I would recommend you try to earn backlinks with every way which menssioned below.

Participate in Forums.

one of the very effective way to earn backlinks for your blog is that try to activily participate in the forums where people discuss something about your niche.

try to answer their queries by providing direct links to your blog posts.

people will surely appreciate your hardwork, and some of them will be willing to subscribe your email list as well.

there are some chances for you to earn even more backlinks if you helped of another blogger, if they will get satisfactory help from your blog. they might menssion you while writing new posts to their blog.

Guest blogging.

guest blogging is another way to earn some high quality links for your blog, you can find a popular blog in your niche which has many readers and rank well on search engins.

when you will submit a guest post to their blog, they will surely allow you to have a link to your own blog in your profile.

blog commenting.

commenting on other’s blog can provide you a backlink for your blog, some people consider it an easy way to build backlinks. but don’t comments unless it makes sense.

if you will keep commenting tirelessly without any original thought, soon you will get into the spammer’s list.

after that, none of your comment will be approved by any blogger, and search engins would consider your blog as a spam on the internet.
you will lose even your previous ranking which you have earned with a lot of hardwork.

if you have a reall thought to share on another blog, I would recommend you to don’t waste a chance to build backlinks.


Fixing broken links.

this method is time taking, so do this only if you have free time.

all is you need to find broken links in your competitor’s blog, and make them aware about those links, ask them to replace the broken links with your blog posts.

remember, remain helpful while telling them about the broken links. your greedy attitude can make them annoyed.

get interviewed.

this is a hard way to earn backlinks for your blog, but you can introduce better your self to whole world who are passionate to know about you and your work.

usually people like to publish interviews of successful bloggers, so if someone does not want to publish your interview, don’t take it personal.

if you are a good blogger, people will automatically come to you for taking your interview.

have you any other recommendations to build backlinks for a new blog? let me know in comments below.


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